Kingman Reef news..


    The following info – by Rich KY6R – was initially posted on eHam and in relation to whether Kingman Reef still exists:

    It’s above water at high tide, and is even protected from high surf. I have 100% confirmation from the Scripps Institute and marine biologists who have been there recently doing research. There is only 3 feet left above water at high tide, and an area of about 15′ by 100′ of coral rubble. [This means any activation would have to be small..It’s in no danger of being deleted from the DXCC List – those 13 year rumours were unfounded. I met with Arne from the DXAC at Visalia, and am confident it will stay on the list.]

    Just over a year ago, DX World posed the question: Is Kingman Reef still above sea level?

    We’re glad to hear it is!

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