UPDATE – Yuir, N3QQ informs that his flight to Dutch Harbor leaves at 5am (local) today and if the WX remains good they will set sail this evening their time.

MAY 3, 2018 — Tim, NL8F and Yuri, N3QQ will be active from Kagamil Island, NA-234 as KL7RRC/P during May 23-27, 2018. QRV on 80-17m mostly CW, some SSB / FT8 if propagation allows. QSL via N7RO. Webpage


  1. Hey guys! Had a great time at the Islands of Four Mountains. Tim and Yuri completed the mission. I took them
    there and brought them back safe. If there are any other wonderers that would like to explore the Aluetians, contact Tim or Yuri, they have my contacts. F/V Raven Bay, Capt. Dustan


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