NEWS UPDATE @ 20:00z – The KL7RRC team just left port for the island. At this moment, due to weather forecasts, they may have to depart the island on Saturday. Will update when more news on that becomes available.

AUGUST 27 – Due to bad weather, it’s a “No-go” today. The target will be 19:00Z on August 28 to depart. It’s a 3 hour boat ride plus unloading and set up, so probably 00:00Z on the 29th before QRV.

Team waiting to depart

AUGUST 9, 2019 – Yuri UA9OBA joins the team – more here

AUGUST 2, 2019 – Yuri, N3QQ got in touch to say the KL7RRC/P NA-210 website is now online and actual dates of activity have been posted [August 27 to September 2, 2019]

APRIL 28, 2019 — Yuri UA9OBA, Yuri N3QQ + others plan activity as KL7RRC/P from Sledge Island NA-210 approx August 25 to September 3, 2019 (subject to obtaining permissions from US FWS and USCG).

Antennas: TBD, goal is 2-3 stations on the same band during openings. FT8 24/7 as a beacon on two bands F/H mode.

Bands: 40-6m. Modes: CW/SSB/FT8

QSL via N7RO and Club Log will be uploaded after the expedition.


  1. The KL7RRC team are now making their way back home. The team, UA9OBA, N3QQ,
    NW7M and AD5A want to thank the chasers for a fantastic expedition. The
    conditions the first 2 days where great, but then the K index went to 5 and
    the world was shut off from us. As was warned about before we departed for
    the island, the weather changed and we had to QRT on Saturday afternoon
    local time. It was the captains judgement that we should leave. The
    following day there were 7 foot seas, so while we wanted to stay, we really
    could not argue with captain. Later there will be a more in depth story
    about the expedition and the wonderful experiences we had, for now I thought
    you might want some basics results of the trip that you can see below.

    The expedition was a collaboration between the Russian Robinson Club (RRC)
    and the Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF). The operators have paid
    the expenses, accordingly the excess funds above mailing expenses for QSL
    Cards will be contributed on a 50/50 basis to RRC and IREF, so please keep
    that in mind when you use the OQRS system. Extra contributions will go to
    these clubs that have promoted and supported Island Chasing for many years.
    The Presidents of both organizations were on this expedition and many things
    were discussed, so stay tuned.

    QSL via N7RO. The logs will be uploaded to ClubLog shortly and the OQRS
    system will be available.

    These numbers may not be exact but are close. We have not calculated uniques

    Total QSO’s 4,000+

    Less Dupes 3,851

    DXCC’s 68

    Band #QSO’s Pct

    40m 525 13.6%

    30m 764 19.8%

    20m 2370 61.5%

    17m 192 4.9%

    Mode QSO’s

    CW 3,156

    FT8 712

    SSB 3


    EU 50.7%

    AS 31.8%

    US 17.4%

    OC/SA/AF .1%


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