Lord Howe Island Dxpedition


    Now QRV: From January 11-18, 2013 the following operators will be active from the Blue Lagoon, Lord Howe island.

    • JA3ARJ/VK9L via JA3ARJ.
    • JA3BZO/VK9L via JA3BZO.
    • JA3HJI/VK9L via JA3HJI.
    • AE6XY/VK9L via JA1CJA.
    • W7AVO/VK9L via JA3AVO.
    • W7PBL/VK9L via JH3PBL.

    QRV on 80-6m, CW, SSB, RTTY.

    Check QSL policy on QRZ.com

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