Val, NV9L interviews Don Greenbaum N1DG about the upcoming Baker Island 2018 DXpedition.


  1. Ham’s against the machine.

    No, we are not fossil that would like to use spark-gap transmitter, we are not octogenarians.. between us we have many nice under 30 operator, dxer, contestman and dxpeditioner.
    We use computer, web and smartphone or remote shack, we don’t live like amish…

    No, no we didn’t even bother with the FT8 or K1JT, undoubtedly deserving, some of us also operate or have operated in ft8 BUT ONLY very sparingly, when conditions really leave no other choice,maybe just for test, or much much better as beacon, to understand the conditions of a band, a function that we believe should have been the only one for this type of automatic modes , and not approved by Arrl for valid Dxcc bilateral qso!

    BUT, we are strongly concerned about the survival of our, beloved, hobby, endangered by the abuse and misuse of the FT8 mode, used for massive qso numbers, when wide open and not marginal conditions are on !
    By now, people use it to make qso during the 40m opening daytime for continental qso, hundreds of km, qso with S9+20db signals easily achievable in any other human mode !
    You can see now at the same time on an HF band, 1-2 stations working antipodes on ssb or cw with a fishing rood and low power, and hundreds of dudes making qso on ft8…
    Or worse, NCDXF beacon at s9 (100w and r7 vertical) on a band and no one in ssb or cw on that band, why ???!!!
    6m, “the magic band” no more human signal, only FT8 also for continental or local qso with S9+ signal via ES !

    This is not modernity or development.
    Just regresson and operator vilification.

    The FT8 is an high automated mode like nothing before, the radio operator is only a spectator, not tune the frequency signal, not hear it by ear, not choose the transmission timing, not search for corresponded over a split… nothing.
    And more, with some small triks it can be fully automated, even in the totall absence of the operator, like SV5DKL has demonstrated.

    “But you can make qso under noise level !”
    Are you really sure ? Try do to this simple test, call cq with ft8 on a hf band and watch the SNR report on the reverse beacon site, then make the same CQ with cw, with the same power of ft8 and watch again the SNR report of the same RB station (KM1T for ex.).. -10db on ft8 and + 10/15 on cw or something very similar…

    This leads to a collapse of skilling of the operator worldwide, if used as a primary mode of operation ! Wasting all that operational practice studied and optimized through decades of contest and expeditions, which allowed all of us to have fun with dxpedtions, working 70-100-150 k QSOS in 2 weeks! And that got a lot of satisfaction to the operators on the other side of pileup.
    All this is put at serious risk if ft8 will become a main mode of operation!

    Even more we are concerned about the voice for which some expeditions would be on air on ft8 for the majority of the activity, because of bad time of year for propagation and low sunspot cycle, using the psycho dxpedition mode.

    We appeal to the Group departing, to devote less time to the ft8, that demeans and makes secondary the operator, and much more to cw and ssb, even at the cost of restricting the number of qso, the solar cycle is at its lowest and we all know it, no problems, and this is not the first time !
    On the past sunspot minimum, 2006-2010 ca, the deepest by 100 years, many successful expeditions were organized with 100k qso or more ! And Without stupid automatic digital mode…

    We are sorry for what we’re saying, this makes us pirates, but we believe, we strongly believe that it is time to take action even by non-ordinary.

    Between us, there are several dozen operators, particularly in Europ but elsewhere too, willing to create QRM on great expeditions who choose to work mainly in FT8, especially when there will be conditions to work in CW or worse in SSB! Taking all the necessary responsibility.

    Simply ordinary activity on FT8 or RTTY to create confusion and discourage the activity on the frequency of dxpedition.
    In addition, some, will generate fake call on various band, in order to disperse the “zombie” ft8 callers.

    A peaceful protest, as a strike by public transport which slows down the roadway.

    This is not to deny the modernity or evolution, bullshit, but simply We don’t want to abdicate to machine power !!

    We hope, that none of this is will be necessary, we still believe in hamradio.

    Ham’s agaist the machine.

    p.s. sorry for our bad English, but it is clear that it is not our mother language…

  2. Hello guys!
    Me and my friends are waiting for you on Top band.
    We have about 40 min dark time between 16.57 and 17.43Z.
    Please be active in this time on 160m. Thanks!
    73! Victor UA4HBW.

  3. The NCDXF is a biased liberal organization : we saw it too well with EP2T shamefull! I am member INDXA to avoid them , but they still trying to make a mess !! I will not renew and fund any dx foundation anymore ! I will pay for qsos cfmd only !


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