New – IOTA Directory

    IOTA_D17Edited by Roger Balister, G3KMA and Steve Telenius-Lowe, PJ4DX

    If you are not aware of the Islands on the Air (IOTA) award programme this book explains this fascinating and hugely popular activity. Simply put the book aims to provide the most comprehensive guide to the programme and much more besides.

    The IOTA Directory contains the complete, official listing of IOTA islands but is much more than just a simple list. There is much more besides with details of the latest IOTA Honour roll, Golden List, etc. The IOTA Directory provides everything you need to participate in IOTA, from lists of islands, grouped by continent, and indexed by prefix through to application forms and masses of information and advice for island hunters, award applicants and DXpeditioners alike. Also included in the colour section there are fascinating reports of several IOTA operations from palm tree lined ‘Coetivy Island’ south of the Seychelles, the much cooler ‘Melville Island’ in the Canadian Arctic, through to the remote ‘Antipodes Island Project’ that took place amongst the Penguins in New Zealand.

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