This news runs in tandem from earlier info regarding use of the Y8 callsigns.

[tnx KO8SCA for image]


  1. “The Y2 block was formerly used by communist East Germany, the late “German Democratic Repbublic” (sic)which perished in 1990. For more than 28 years, these old call signs have never been issued again until now.”

    That’s not true. I have worked several Y’s up until half 1991 that were Federal Republic of Germany. Have the QSL to prove it, one as late as June 2nd 1991. (Y21DO)
    Checking Club Log indicates too that were Federal Republic of Germany.

  2. The ITU assigns callsign prefixes DA-DR and Y2-Y9 to the Federal Republic of Germany. The national connoisseurs Y2 to Y9 replaced in 1980 in the GDR from the old DM call signs, since the GDR after its international recognition by the inclusion in the UNO in 1973 at the ITU has applied for a national expert.

  3. I had a qso with Y25AD on 13 october 1992 at 21:45z on 160m SSB. Before with Y21HT and Y23HE.

  4. I made a mistake, last qso was with Y23HE on 10 december 1992 at 21:08z on 160m. Worked Y56MJ and Y64AH and Y65VG too. Ciao.


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