Operation of 1U4UN Amateur Radio Station from Kingdom Mediae Terrae Bir Tawil by HRM King Dmitri I.

Operation took place in Kingdom Mediae Terrae Bir Tawil borderline point near Bartazuga Mountain from April, 19 until April, 20 2016 and consisted of more than 1,500 QSO’s from what used to be a no-man’s land Bir Tawil, landlocked between Sudan and Egypt.

This is not disputed area, this is not demilitarized zone, this land is claimed by Dmitry Zhikharev on December, 17 2014.

1U prefix was chosen with respect to ITU Radio Regulations (Article 19 and Appendix 42). Frequencies allocation for Amateur Radio services in Kingdom Mediæ Terræ Bir Tawil follow the ITU R1 allocation with respect to Region 1 bandplan including, but not limited to RR 5.67B and RR 5.80A Recommendations

Additional information can be found on www.qrz.com/db/1U4UN