NEWS UPDATE — Dates have been established by the Pitcairn team:

Aug.1, 2019 — Our sea container, with all our equipment, must be landed in New Zealand, cleared by customs, and ready to transport to the Braveheart for loading of the container contents. The Braveheart will sail within a few days.

Oct. 7, 2019 — The Braveheart will arrive in Moorea after completing the charter prior to ours After provisioning and refuelling, the Braveheart will sail to Mangareva, arriving there on Oct. 13.

Oct. 15, 2019 — Our team will fly from Tahiti to Mangareva, board the Braveheart and sail for Pitcairn that evening.

Oct. 17, 2019 — We will be at Pitcairn Island at dawn and begin offloading our equipment as soon as possible. The Braveheart will depart that evening.

Oct. 18, 2019: We will get stations on the air as soon as possible. We have 14 days at the island.

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