Since the last poll attracted nearly 3000 votes, here’s another one for the reader of DX-World. Simply click which bracket you are in. Feel free to leave comments.

DXCC Honor Roll - which bracket are you in?

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  1. I had my arm twisted to apply for DXCC in 2010, first time in 60 yrs. Found I was on 334. Needed 6 more & in 2014, VK9MT gave me #1 HR. With KOSOVO in 2018 got back on #1HR + DXCC 340/360.
    It took me 35 yrs to get my Pitcairn VR6JR in 1985. Getting DUCIE VP6DI was in 2002.
    Nothing but patience & dedication & determination gets you to the TOP #1 HR.
    Good luck to all of you who need DUCIE & may VP6D have a great time working the WORLD with many contacts.
    73 de Dennis ZS1AU

  2. HR#1 MiXED since 2003 – thanks to Ed P5/4L4FN
    HR#1 SSB since 2009 – thanks to K5D Guys
    Missing P5 in CW as nearly everyone – “thanks” to Martti, OH2BH

  3. I am at 353 total or 333 current. I need North Korea, Andamans, Laccadives, Scarborough, Cambodia, and Pratas. I also need Ducie which is planned for October. None of the others seem likely under current conditions although they have been active. K8CMO

  4. I just need 4u1un to complete the current list. This is looking to be an unlikely task in my life time. too bad so sad!

  5. DXCC Honor Roll NOT # 1

    I should count all the entities that have been deleted, many die without this challenge, take the work of many minutes an hour and a day, a trophy that everyone dreams of achieving, we lose an acquired right, I agree with # 1 with all entities current, it’s time to think change, 73 from Jose, CU3AN

  6. My totals are 349/334. I have been dx ing since 1953. Still need BS7, FT5, Jd1-minami Torsishina, P5, VU4, and ZS8. My antenna’s are a all band vertical and a EFHW long wire. 73, Paul K4AVU

  7. My first #1 HR got in 90th for UA1CK(started in 1957),the second – in 2017 for DJ9BK (20 years).

  8. It took some time to achive…with deletions my total is 372…mixed…
    the #1 plaque is something I set goals in the late 60’s.

  9. Since the survey is looking for Honor Roll and #1 Honor Roll only it seems more accurate to limit the top number in your survey to 340 as Deleted Entities do not count toward the award. Anything over 340 is bragging rights.

  10. Swls dont play this game but after almost 5 years swling i heard 295 entities and 89 confirmed with paper card.

  11. Earned my SSB HR #1 back in 2007.
    BS7H was my very last one.
    I already might have reached the top in 1997, had i not taken the wrong decision to QRX (and wait for the big guns to calm down a bit) during the first days of the then ongoing BS7H expedition in April/May.
    You might remember the expedition was cut short after 3 days or so.
    I was left with no more BS7H to call for and had to “QRX” for another ten years… 😉

  12. HR#1 hr.
    My main jump in entities and slots was during the solar peak around 2000.
    Finished it off with K1N, Navassa.
    Still enjoying every bit of DXing and encourage everyone to do so.
    Keep the band filled with CW and SSB activity. 😉

  13. I have 183 only by LoTW… I really enjoy every QSO and if I receive LoTW confirmation I’m double satisfied.

  14. Harold,

    Assuming that higher DXCC-ranking means higher age, the poll results will probably be a perfect match to the age distribution for radio amateurs, which is a bit worrying…

  15. The Target Honor Roll #1 in Phone is a hard work over many Years and also expensiv Money and Time

  16. Harold – W3KHQ 356 need P5 and BS7H

    Like always, where are all the new comers? Look at the percentages between 100 and 300.

  17. Countries and territories with which there was no initiative for 15 years or more must be excluded from the list for the Applicants for #1, or from full DXCC list…

  18. I agree that the new plaque designs are terrible. ARRL says “updated,” I say “cost reduced” (and looks it).

  19. Why Graphie and Phonie are the same for Honor Roll ?
    Only Phonie is harder than Graphie !

  20. The new design is terrible. Why change what is recognized and inherited for many years?
    Up to number 1 is missing 3Y0/B.

  21. hONOR rOLL BUT NOT #1. Was off the air for 25 years so still need 5 (3Y/P, BV9P, BS7, CE0X, and P5) but 356 is total number for me.


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