Possible DXpedition to island group off Ecuador?

    The following message was recently received at DX World HQ. We thought a good idea to open up for discussion.

    “Planning a DXpedition (tenatively scheduled for Nov/Dec 2013 time frame) to an island group off the coast of Ecuador. Several islands are candidates. My question is: has there been any recent ham radio activity/expeditions to these islands. Ergo, Isla Genovesa, Fernandina, Marchena…or others in the group? We plan to take up to 40 hams on a 140′ yacht to this region. The vessel is home ported in Portland, Oregon. Plans are to pick up some hams in a stop at Cabo San Lucas on the way. Information on activity on any of these islands would be very helpful. Email:¬†FALCON.INTERNATIONAL.RADIO[at]GMAIL.COM”

    Best regards,
    Christopher Paul Ryan K7VZD.

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