NEWS UPDATE – The expedition starts on August 25 from Arkhangelsk.

JUNE 4, 2018 – From June 26 to July 1 a small preparation expedition (R25RRA) (photoalbum) took place.

Our team has checked all the equipment and antennas before the main RI0B expedition which is planned later this year. We’ve also tested FT8 DXpedition mode (links are in RUS and ENG). RI0B we will use 14095 for FT8 DXpedition mode.

All the equipment is now packed and transported by the logistics company to the start of expedition – Dudinka (Krasnoyarsk region).

[PREVIOUSLY..] Many ops may recall working RI0B back in 2001 from Ushakova Island, AS-156. Today, a new team has decided to give this callsign a “second breath”. In fact, one of the current team (Andy UA0BA) was also a member of the old “Lost Islands” expedition too. Therefore, after his suggestion and blessing the same callsign RI0B will be used for the new expedition.

Arctic legends 2018 will take place in September August this year. The route is as follows:

Team – The crew of “Bristol” vessel under the leadership of Captain A.V. Patyukov is:

  • Igor, UA9KDF
  • Victor,  RW0BG
  • Andy,  UA0BA
  • Andy,  UA9LDD
  • Mike,  UA1QV
  • Igor – cameraman, designer and painter


Two sets of equipment: TS-590, Expert 1.3K-FA , Microham CW keyer, laptops, antennas DXer 206, Inv-V 30-40 (CW-SSB 40-10m)

One DIGI set: IC-706MK2G, Microham DIGI KEYER 2, TNS pator Dragon 7400, iMac , SteppIR BigIR DX (FT-8, PSK-63, CW 40-10m).

3 x Band filters.
2 x Yamaha generators EF-2800I

This IOTA DXpedition is very expensive. Financial support welcome:

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