Following info was posted on and translated below:

Dates – July 20 to July 31, 2019

Team: Vasily (RU3SD), Vasily (RA1ZZ) and Avinir (UA1ZZ)

Callsign: RK3SWB/1, in the RSGB IOTA Contest – personal callsign ../

RDA number on the entire route: LO24. Large square: KP40

All islands (except O. Vysotsky) belong to the IOTA group: EU-117, but three of them (Ravitsa, Shkolny, Kayasaari) will be listed in the directory after confirmation of activation.

Transportation: Automobile and rubber oar inflatable boat. Yes, three-seater rubber boat without a motor!

Thus, the approximate plan is as follows:

July 20 – Cape Sandy Lighthouse, ARLHS: ERU-224, RLHA: NEW, WCA: UA-00201 July 21 – Cape Fleet Lighthouse, ARLHS: NEW, RLHA: NEW, WCA: UA-00864
July 21 – Stirsudden Lighthouse, ARLHS: ERU-008, RLHA: RLE-011
July 21 – Cape Kyurnönniemi Lighthouse, ARLHS: ERU-216, RLHA: RLE-149, RAFA: HD46, HHB9
22.07 – Island and Lighthouse “Ravitsa” , IOTA: EU-117, RRA: RR 01-02, ARLHS: NEW, RLHA: NEW, RAFA: HHC7
23-24.07 – West Berezovy Island, IOTA: EU-117, RRA: RR 01-40
24-25.07 – North Birch Island, IOTA: EU-117, RRA: RR 01-39
26-28.07 – The Island Vortex ”and“ Pivot ”lighthouse, IOTA: EU-117, RRA: RR 01-15, ARLHS: ERU-057, RLHA: RLE-068, WLOTA: WLH-0164
28-29.07 – Fox Island, IOTA: EU -117, RRA: RR 01-16
29-30.07 – Shkolny Island, IOTA: EU-117, RRA: RR 01-38
30.07 – Vysotsky Island and Patteri Lighthouse, RRA: RR 01-14, ARLHS : ERU-222, RLHA: RLE-148, WCA: UA-00022, RAFA: H648
30-31.07 – Kayasaari Island and Likaniemi Lighthouse, IOTA: EU-117, RRA: RR 01-19, ARLHS: NEW , RLHA: NEW, WCA: UA-00216, RAFA: HJ4M

Total of 8 lighthouses and 8 islands (three of which are NEW ONE RRA). The maximum plan, drawn up without any reserve for time and rest, for this reason any force majeure or just a small delay will lead to the cancellation of the activation of one or several lighthouses and / or islands. There may be minor changes or additional “short-term” activation of beacons (2-3 hours) without deploying the camp.


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