Sable Island planned for 2019 is being delayed until 2020. However, the team desires to stay active, thus, we are going back to St. Paul Island in August 2019.  Basically the same team as 2016.  CY9C site development is in progress. Cheers, Randy N0TG.

JUNE 10, 2018 — The 2016 CY9C DXpedition team has been quietly working behind the scenes with Parks Canada attempting to gain permission to mount a significant DXpedition to Sable Island CY0. This effort began more than a year ago. For a number of years now, the Parks Canada policy has been to not allow overnight stays on the island. This was one reason the small team of N0TG, VE1RGB and WA4DAN mounted a one day DXpedition to Sable on September 8, 2014.

Aaron, VA1AXC, who worked with Parks Canada, was active from Sable during his tours on the island. Last August, Aaron left Parks Canada and went back to work with the Canadian Coast Guard. Aaron was very instrumental in the months long negotiations. We had worked with Aaron during the CY0P DXpedition in October 2013 as well as our one day CY0C operation. Our team donated equipment and antennas for Aaron to use while on Sable. Many email exchanges and phone calls were made between Parks Canada, Aaron and the CY9C team in an attempt to gain permission.

The CY9C team sent a “Qualifications Package” to Parks Canada highlighting not only our general DXpedition experience, but our experience out on Sable Island. Many different scenarios were discussed and there was a lot of back and forth between Parks Canada and our team. There were times that permission seemed nothing more than a dream. It was very discouraging but we kept plugging away trying to stay positive. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, we received word from Parks Canada that we had been granted permission for a one week DXpedition in September 2019!!

The 2019 CY0 DXpedition team will consist of 6-7 ops, mostly those who were on the CY9C team. Much more information will be forthcoming later this year and as we enter 2019. The 2019 CY0 team is already in the initial planning stage for this DXpedition. Sable is especially rare on CW and a big effort will be made to satisfy that demand.

Randy N0TG Team Co-Leader
Murray WA4DAN Team Co-Leader


  1. Fantastic! Great so see the plans for Sable. Aaron on SSB is my only QSO with CY0 so far.
    LA7DFA @319 cfm CW.

  2. September 2019, why not September 2018? Can the environmentalists tell us why it has to be 2019 and not 2018? Half the world over they decide who is ‘granted’ what, when and under which circumstances.
    As to under which conditions operations are to take place fair enough.

    Timing as in this case is totally dependant on a few desk workers who have a tendency to think they’re half gods. “There were times that permission seemed nothing more than a dream.”. Again, WHAT makes it that it’ll have to be September next year and not for instance July or October? Birds nesting, tortoises whatever.

    Another example, as to KH1 antenna’s not higher than 40 feet. It’s ridiculous. So 30 feet is OK but 50 feet high is not. Must be some really clumsy half blind birds out there.

    I agree that nature is to be protected, but do you honestly think that any decent expedition team is going to leave their DX destination totally ruined behind? Do you honestly think they’ll be leaving oil drums for their generators behind, half the camping site soaked in petroleum? Same for hardware, food, plastics and stuff.


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