Short video by Col MM0NDX, team member of very recent EL2EL/4 IOTA DXpedition to Telengbe island AF-111NEW.

Target achieved!


  1. Thanks Col and the team for the hard work in activating AF-111.

    This was a tough one to work from VK as our path to West Africa seems to have disappeared on 20 metres and above at this low in the cycle – at least for small pistol IOTA type stations.

    Your signal was never much more than a whisper here on 40 metres longpath, nil on 30 metres shortpath, nil on 20m long or shortpath and heard for about 5 mins only on 17m shortpath.

    Many thanks for pulling a weak VK out of the pileup

    Cheers and Thanks
    Paul – vk4ma


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