OCTOBER 17 – The team report they are having a lot of issues with electricity blackouts but still working well; operations include FT8.

New pictures exclusively for DX-World with credit to the team!

OCTOBER 9, 2019 — T30GC team send exclusive pics to DX-World. They inform everything is fine, but they do have high noise level.  They intend to put up a 30m receiving antenna soon.

OCTOBER 5, 2019 — Stan LZ1GC and the T30GC team visited Antoine 3D2AG earlier prior to their Tarawa expedition. Pictures exclusively for DX-World.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 — T30GC will be on the air on 7th October 2019. The last day of T30GC activity will be 23rd October 2019. During this activity radio amateurs can make contacts with T30GC on different modes – CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8. The favorite modes will be CW, SSB and RTTY – the real radio amateur modes. We will be QRV from 160 – 6 meters.

T30GC LoTW certificate already is obtained and all Sponsors will receive LoTW confirmation of their contacts with T30GC 3 weeks after end of T30GC DXpedition 2019 !

Please, the radio amateurs for patience and understanding during our activity. We will try to be nonstop (24/7) on the air with 2 or 3 transmitters on different bands and modes – if there are not any problems with the electricity power! We are ready also to use a generator if there are problems with the local power electricity! [more here..]

MARCH 13, 2019 — Stan, LZ1GC and Karel, OK2WM will be active from Tarawa, W. Kiribati as T30GC between October 7-23, 2019. QRV on 160-10m, CW/SSB/RTTY. QSL via LZ1GC, LoTW, Club Log OQRS.


  1. Stan,

    Thanks once again for journeying to the Pacific. Safe travels and look forward to working you soon:-)

    Chip W1YW

  2. Boys,
    Let’s stop these nonsensical comments!
    Let everyone use the kind mode which he wants !!!
    Some made from the fly – an elephant!
    I wrote what I think!
    I hope to make everyone happy after the T30GC!
    I know my job – so no more comments are needed !!!
    What I wrote I think so and I do not need advice !!!
    FT 8 is a professional type of work, suitable for the army and other institutions!
    I don’t say anything bad, but we are radio amateurs !!!
    73! Stan, LZ1GC ( T30GC )

  3. Ciao Paul,
    It was just my opinion, I’m not a robot and I prefer to start tx when my brain stated “ok”. I don’t want to offend anyone, imagine now that I’m qrt 🙂
    73 Gerardo it9tjh

  4. I’m agree with Gerard, no comparison between JT mode and other digital modes (no need to speak about cw ssb !), op is just a spectator, even less with bot mode (large used whatever arrl said).

    BUT I can’t uderestand the logic “yes I don’t like ft8 BUT I do it..a little” also for a dxpedition !
    IF you don’t like DONT DO IT ! And speaking about a dxpedition, the same, you’re not a trader, a seller,
    you don’t sell anything, you’re just there to have fun and entertain some dxer around the world, if you don’t
    do ft8, T30L few weeks ago dit it too much…
    T30GC was annunced like “traditional mode activity”, and so he had to stay.
    You can’t always please everyone, If you don’t do ft8 at home and don’t like (me too!), don’t do it during
    your dxpedition, so simple, you will make happy all other dxer that feel like you (I’m here !).
    Trends ? Just rubbish… 😉

    Have fun.

  5. Hello Gerardo,
    You do tx-ing as 2nd only after you hear your correspondent and this applies to all modes, not only FT8/4. Does keeping my PC time synchronized make a digital mode “not ham”? By the way, check PSK or OLIVIA of which decoding threshold allows to make contacts with a barely audible signal. Are they “non-ham” too?

    What is not “ham mode” is insulting other amateur enthusiasts with no reason. Paul vk4ma pointed that out excellently.

    Ciao & Regards,

  6. Rtty vs ft4/8? I simply can’t accept to tx 1st, to rx 2nd, to syncronize my pc time, to log non udible signal. I fully agree, ft4/8 aren”t HAM mode, they are great mode…but not HAM mode.

  7. Hello Stan

    The message seems to be pretty clear – cw, ssb and rtty are the “real” modes and FT8 is not. If you have such a low opinion of FT8 then why do you plan to use it at all? What particularly is so “real” about RTTY compared to FT8? Both FT8 and RTTY qsos are both made in the same way – only the software is different.

    Yes – every one has the right to an opinion, but you must also understand that you insult about 50% of your dxpedition audience when you make silly and inflamatory statements like this – you could easily have said you will be using your “favourite”modes ………cw, ssb and rtty

    I am sure you would be insulted if I said that lz1gc conducts “pretend” dxpeditions so expect FT8 users to feel likewise when you refer to their FT8 qsos as being pretend or unreal (especially when you are championing RTTY – which is simply an old and outdated version of FT8).

    Paul – vk4ma

  8. “.. will be CW, SSB and RTTY – the real radio amateur modes.”
    The “real” modes, what a disdain I wonder what is gained with putting this in the announcement. I’m a CW guy but I recognize that CW/RTTY will once the old guys are gone be as good as a thing of the past.


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