NEWS UPDATE — Our preparations are on schedule. The team is very grateful for the great sponsoring from the ham community.

The antenna material is stored in Tarawa at Chuck Corbett. The PIPA Kanton Coordinator, Tuake Teema, confirmed that our two generators were in excellent condition and we have two drums (400 liters) fuel available on the island.

All our equipment is successfully checked and suitcases are packed. We have again a total of 250kg radio equipment!

In four weeks our team flies from Frankfurt via Brisbane to Tarawa. After a short stay in Tarawa we will fly on Feb. 16th with a small charter plane (Beechchraft King Air 200) to Kanton. There we are guests of the village community.

The team members are in a good spirit and looking optimistically forward to a successful DXpedition.

OCTOBER 16, 2018 — From 16 February until 5th of March 2019 a group of 6 operators will be active from Kanton Island as T31EU. The license is confirmed by CCK and they have permission from the Phoenix Island Protected Area (PIPA).

Operators: DL2AWG Guenter, DL6JGN Hans, DJ9RR Heye, DM2AUJ Wolf, DK5WL Joe and PA3EWP Ronald. Operating from 10-160m in the main modes CW, SSB, RTTY and some FT8. QSL via DL2AWG. Before and after the DXpedition we will be active from Tarawa T30, (holiday style).

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