With just over a week since their return from Liberia, the 5L3BI team are now able to share the difficulties they encountered during their attempt of activating AF-111NEW.  The full story can be downloaded here


  1. Thanks for this very istructive story guys ! Just one silly idea – maybe an “untipped” tribe would have conquered their passions and appeased the anger in case they got money from you? And would stop this sacrifice-show? But I guess it was too late and you were already out of funds and exhausted. Or maybe it was even a two tribes game – a kind of conspiracy in order to fool you – you never know! ( I was robbed on a business trip to Ghana myself). Anyhow I am sure you’ve done your best in that dangerous situation and we IOTA hunters must be proud we’ve got such brave and fearless activators in our hamradio ranks !


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