NEWS UPDATE — Last night we stayed for EU on 20 until 11:30 UTC but worked only 2 EU… We will move tonight first to 30 and then to 20. Eu came vy strong on 40. But later in the night we had a vy strong radar, making the copy difficult. Have 4600 q with na=37%, as=31%, eu=27%, sa=3, sa=2. DXCC wkd 84. Worked 3040 unique stations.

OCTOBER 14, 2018 — Cezar (VE3LYC) and Adrian (KO8SCA) will operate as TX0A from Maria Est Atoll (OC-113) and as TX0M from Morane Atoll (OC-297P) between December 4 and 18.

OC-113 was operated from once, more than 28 years ago, and currently ranks #6 on the Most Wanted IOTA List, while OC-297 is a new IOTA reference.

More information can be found on the expedition website


  1. hi I worked the TX0M
    GMT -04:55Z
    Band 30M
    Mode :CW
    Is my call sigh appear in the TX0M log??
    Pse your respond.
    De 4X6ZM


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