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The Can-Am DXpedition team will arrive in French Polynesia on November 3rd. While in Tahiti (FO), there will be some activity – including low bands – for a couple of days/nights. The team moves on to Hiva Oa (FO/M) on Nov. 6th and will depart for home on Nov. 19th.

While in the Marquesas, there will be 3-4 four stations QRV on CW, SSB and FT8. Operators are K4UEE, K5PI (team leader), W5MJ, W5RF, W5SJ, VA7DX, VE7KW and F6BCW. Europe is a key target area and every attempt will be made to take advantage of propagation. Pilots are DL9GFB (Chief Pilot), N2SG and N7BT. QSL via Direct, OQRS or LOTW.

This DXpedition is mostly funded by the operators. However, contributions are most welcome and will go toward our freight and shipping costs.

MAY 25, 2019 — Members of the CAN-AM DXpedition Group will be operating as TX7T from the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands for 10-12 days between November 6-17, 2019. The Marquesas Islands rank #60 on Club Log DXCC “most wanted” list.

Operations will include all available bands 160m-10m and CW, SSB and FT8. Operators are: F6BCW, K4UEE, K5PI, W5MJ, W5SJ, W5RF, VA7DX and VE7KW. This includes operators from TX5T last year. QSLs will be available via Direct and LoTW. Website


  1. Their FT8 F/H operating is now fixed. I now hope for 160m and it was a pity they were not QRV for EU this morning as the band was very good to western USA and VE7. But they came up a bit too late, SR here being at 0750UTC. If they can read this, please be on 0730UTC.

  2. I suppose they will not read this but anyway: something is wrong with their F/H software setup. No matter how many times I have got though (many), in common with lots of others I see, TX7T does not send RR73. Are they actually logging stations in FT8 F/H mode and anyway how are we to know?


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