JUNE 19, 2018 – Mami, JP3AYQ informs the dates for the V6J DXpedition to Ta Island OC-254 are July 19-31, 2018. She also mentions the team have upgraded antenna system for this activity.

MAY 24, 2018 — It is about time we gave you our latest information about V6J IOTA DXpedition. We have finally decided to activate OC-254 Ta Island (Mortlock). Although we received some requests for OC-253 activation, we will try to activate OC-253 next year. (Dates for OC-254 still to be confirmed).

This time, we will not use the Micronesia government ship. But we will fly to Ta Island from Pohnpei with a small plane. Since the ship schedule always changes, it is difficult for us to fix our schedule with the ship. So we will make a round trip with a small plane this time. Now, our coordinator Kenny is ready to load our equipment and general items such as a generator, gas, coax cables, food, water, etc., to a ship in Pohnpei. We plan to fly to Ta Island with a small plane after he finishes loading them to a ship to Mortlock. By the way, OC-253 islands do not have airports.

We don’t have internet and phone access in Ta Island. If you need to contact us, please contact our pilot Joe, JJ3PRT. We have the schedule with him every day on the radio to exchange the information. We are looking forward to finding your callsigns in our log. See you soon on the air.

V6J team


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