V6J team member Mami, JP3AYQ writes:

“We have been trying to find a ship to go to OC-253. Unfortunately, we cannot find it yet. (Also the band spread has not been good enough these days). So we decided to postpone our IOTA pedition to OC-253 until next year’s spring or summer. We’ve already got the license for amateur radio from the island Mayor in Murilo. See you next year on the air! We will let you know the details of our plan when they are decided.

**About our operation from OC-299P, we have already contacted the island mayor of OC-299P through our coordinator Kenny who lives in Pohnpei. We were told that it seems to be difficult to go. Since OC-299P is located very far from Phonpei, we would need more research and discussion about a way to get there”.

OC-253 ^^

OC-299P ^^


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