Hello to all!

RI0C video is avaliable (while only in Russian): http://www.iony2017.com/video

P.S. We have started sending QSL of all three islands: RI0C (AS-069), R24RRC (AS-114 and AS-044). How to request QSL please see here: http://www.iony2017.com/contacts

73! Vasily, RA1ZZ/3


  1. Loved this video

    Russia has probably the last “true” men left on the planet. This is true dxpeditioning, small boat, misty far away island, wild beasts and only a bottle of vodka and a few ciggies to keep warm.

    My respect to this dxpedition team and the guys who lived in that cabin back in 1990

    Paul – vk4ma


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