Norbert, VK0AI (photo credit Norbert Trupp)

NEWS UPDATE — Macca Station Communications Tech, Norbert, is a ham radio operator who spends some of his spare time contacting other hams worldwide. His radio callsign, VK0AI, is now well known in the ham radio world, as Macquarie Island does not often have a resident ham radio operator. In fact Macquarie Island is rated in the top 10 of ‘most wanted’ locations in the ham world. [READ MORE]

Ham Shack on top of Hut Hill (Photo: Ali Dean)
Squid pole antenna outside the Ham Shack on Hut Hill
(Photo: Norbert Trupp)

DECEMBER 18, 2018 – A reminder that Norbert is still active from Macquarie Island (DXCC most wanted #9) and expected to be there until March 2019. He uses FT8 mostly.

APRIL 29, 2018 — Earlier today, Norbert VK0AI showed on the airwaves from Macquarie Island and was initially active on 30 & 20m FT8.

MARCH 13, 2018 — Recently posted on eHam, Norbert VK5MQ is on his way to the Macquarie Island Antarctic Research Base with the next winter team for one year.

He uses an IC-7300 and vertical and is not expected to be QRV until well after the changeover of wintering crews – there’s a bit more on that here

Macquarie Island webcam


  1. Dear OM.
    I am VK0/M is ATNO. My ant is VDP(30m)and HB9cv(17and 20m).
    I hope QSO with you,But You are at work going to Macquarie, so I
    can not tell you the impossible.

    Please take good care of yourself

  2. I only need 3 countries for #1 honor roll and Macquarie is one of them. Is it possible to know when VK0AI will be using FT8 on 30 meters as I think that is my best path. I would love to stay up late one night and work you.

  3. 10136.0 VK0AI pse answer 0943 29 Sep Macquarie Island
    HL2WA 10136.0 VK0AI
    Pse CW mode -my only chance to work you from Israel.
    Best 73
    De 4x6zm

  4. CW and Digi would be a new one for me. Hearn on 8/6/2018 on 20 meter FT-8 but could not copy me.
    Keep trying.
    73, Russ

  5. Had the privilege to work Norbert during a magnificent 30M gray line opening with FT8 on 4/29 @ 0530GMT. Evidently he was running with a tight filter, only responding to signals within 300-400Hz. #atno for me.


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