VK3DOG/P – VK3FT/P – VK3TZ/P – Phillip Isl OC-136


    Graham – VK3DOG, Keith – VK3FT and Tony – VK3TZ are planning a radio weekend away to Phillip Is, IOTA OC-136 on the weekend of 15-18 March, 2013. They have identified a farmlet which should provide a nice low noise environment and a good take-off over salt water in nearly all directions.

    They will be active on all bands from 160m -10m. Simple rotatable dipoles on the high bands and full size verticals on 40m and 80m. On 160m they should have a vertical array (22m tall) with some parasitic elements, beverages and loops for receive.

    They will be operating with only a single TX at a time but should be active approximately 20 hours a day, with resting ops spending their off time surfing, relaxing or sampling some beers or rum. :).

    Callsigns will be homecall /P. They are looking especially for EU contacts on top band at their sunrise and also keen to work Stateside on 75m phone.

    [tnx VK3TZ]

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