VK5MAV/9 – Cato Reef, OC-265

    As some people may know I was ready to activate 2 IOTAs in March 2018. Actual island names were a secret for a while. Now I can reveal – they are OC-211 and OC-183. Actually I’d planned to do flight bookings, hotel reservation, etc. this coming weekend.

    However, today my plans have changed dramatically.

    As I mentioned previously planning process doesn’t stop between expeditions and I work on few islands at same time.

    As part of that process I had a talk today to an official and have got astonishing news.

    Group of rare Australian islands is in a process of management plan change –

    “Note that in the event that a management plan for the Marine Park comes into effect during 2018, the requirements of that plan would come into effect immediately.”

    Part of the plan is to put more strict control of access to the islands, including total ban on camping.

    As such, activation of those islands will be impossible, or possible at local daytime only for many years. However, they are lying more than 300 km from Mainland, well out of way to any DXCC entity. It makes probability of an activation even lower. And, for sure, extremely expensive.

    Furthermore, the plan “… has been provided to our Minister for his consideration. It is up to his discretion when they are tabled in Parliament, and then they are subject to approval through parliament. I wouldn’t expect they will come into effect before July 2018, but of course, this could be subject to change.”

    Based on all above, I’ve decided to postpone activation of OC-211 and OC-183.

    Instead concentrate on OC-265, Cato Reef. Activity in April or May 2018 for 6 days.

    I’m ready for such expedition technically, but not financially. Cost of OC-265 activation is doubled compared to cost of OC-211/OC-183.

    Any support will be much appreciated.

    You are welcome to visit my page – https://www.qrz.com/db/VK5MAV/9

    Thank you all in advance and hope to meet you on air from there !


    Andy VK5MAV.



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