NEWS UPDATE – After a long delay, the VK9LI team are now on their way to L.H.I. Should be on the island by 9am Sydney time (Saturday, 12th). On-air by mid afternoon (local).

VK9LI Dxpedition by Chris VK3QB, Brenton VK3YB and Luke VK3HJ during May 11-18, 2018. QRV on 160-17m; CW, SSB and FT8. No VHF planned and there will be limited Internet available. Follow onΒ Facebook


  1. Now 20m are wide open to Vk over the long path, few stations on, ok no problem… they like to work other band and continent, but pse don’t use poor propagation as excuse, maybe “porcondition” πŸ˜‰

  2. Conditions between EU and VK/ZL area are ok every days at least on 40, 30 & 20m ! You just have to turn the antenna in the right direction at the right time (real DXers & DXpeditioners know that)

  3. Would sure appreciate an opportunity to work you from NA; 20M SSB would be great! Good luck and thx.

  4. In recent weeks , I have noticed a lack of the usual regular VK stations on 20 . Must be conditions .

  5. chris
    very bad condx here on 160
    have listened every night and morning and
    dont hear you !
    but you are able to qso ja ua0 w7…
    please keep trying 10z your sunset
    and 1930z to 2000z (your sunrise)

    73 bob du7et

  6. We regularly call for EU. Cx really are poor. Even the normal flood of JA is a dribble. Tried 160 and 80 at our SR. heard very weak sigs and was able to get one ua in the log.
    We will continue trying. EU pls spread out a bit, esp on 160 and 80. Tnx

  7. I heard them say EU only many times, but propagation is probably not good enough for EU to hear them say that. Even in NA, signals are weak due to LOW SSN and poor openings on 14-21mc during day and 3.5-10mc at night.. Blame new early part of cycle 25 and it will be worse than cycle 24. At least they are trying as best they can. Web said NO RTTY, only CW/SSB and FT8..

  8. I wonder if they consider trying to catch any EU openings … So far only the easy stuff and add tim/band conbinations.

  9. Fantastic team of seasoned DXers. If you need Lord Howe Island for an ATNO, you will work it! Good ops who sleep very little during DXpeditions. Look forward to working the team.


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