NEWS UPDATE – Our team is now back to the original crew: Martin, A65DC/SA6MIW
Paul, A65DR/G7SLP/KW4CM Delia, VE7HDW Thomas, SM0CXU/PY2ZXU. We are now preparing to be active 160-10m All Modes. Our 160m setup is not perfect but we will do our best. Preparations are in full swing and we are all excited to go.

AUGUST 12 — The team has now changed and will consist of A65DC, A65DR & VE7HDW. Due to reduced team they will mainly operate on 40m and above. Possibly some 80m but not a priority. The new ham on Christmas Island (Doug, VK9JD) will help the team and may do some operating. They will start the DXpedition with an effort in CQWW RTTY. 

MAY 28, 2018 — A team consisting A65DC, A65DR, SM0CXU and VE7HDW will be active from Christmas Island OC-002 as VK9XT during September 29 to October 6, 2018.

QRV on 10-160m CW, SSB and various digital modes – 24/7 from the island. FT8 might be used at times. More information to follow.

Visit VK9XT webpage or Facebook page


  1. On CW or RTTY works very well, no need or other communications system (ex. satellite internet for clock time synchronize…) to contact him, much better 😉

  2. Tonight (23:30z) 30M FT8 opened for 30 minutes (signals -16 to -20). But I have to wonder about these guys? Their delta time (clock difference) was showing consistent 1.7 seconds. My clock is EXACT by the web site. This time difference can make low signal strength decodes very difficult. Anyone else seeing a DT like this.

  3. A little FT8 for NA east coast but using normal FT8 frequencies and protocol is a killer. Trying to copy VK9XT at ~-20dB is impossible with all the casual QSO’s. We can only hope VK9XG will be successful with a dedicated frequency and fox/hound operations later in the month.

  4. I agree. Propagation may be difficult to east coast of NA, but it would sure be nice to at least have a chance. Perhaps drop a little of the 75M activity and concentrate a bit more on 20M to NA when the band is likely to be open. There are a lot of us here who would work hard to have Christmas Is. for an ATNO.

  5. So far not really interested in NA QSO’s. They publish propagation/bands for NA and then don’t put up any operations/stations. I hope they address NA before they leave.


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