OCTOBER 14 @ 1945z — VP6R team at Papeete airport. Next stop Mangerva island.

OCTOBER 14 @ 0700z — Team now arrived Tahiti, French Polynesia – tracker

VP6R Pitcairn Island Press Release 10 October 2019

I experienced a sudden and relatively severe, acute illness and was hospitalized for a number of days.  I am recovering at home, but the risk of compromising the DXpedition to Pitcairn Island is too great for me to make the trip with the team.  My friend Glenn, W0GJ, will take on my responsibilities and the DXpedition will proceed as otherwise planned.

Most team members will have begun their travels within the next 24-48 hours.  The October 15th flight to Mangareva and boarding of the Braveheart remain on schedule.

This is a great disappointment for me, but the show will go on.  I thank all of you for your past encouragement and support.  I have great confidence in all of our team members; they will give this DXpedition their all.

Ralph – K0IR

The team members are very disappointed that Ralph K0IR is unable to go with us. Ralph has invested countless hours organizing and preparing for a successful DXpedition!  In fact, it has been so well organized that it is almost on autopilot!  We have been unable to find a replacement for Ralph on such short notice.  Many potential substitutes were unable to clear their schedules to be gone for a month with just a few hours notice.

We are READY to go!  All of our personal bags are packed, as we had to have weight & volumes for Air Tahiti, our Papeete to Mangareva flight next Tuesday. That connection is only once per week. The Braveheart will be waiting for us and we’ll set sail almost immediately for Pitcairn.  We will be arriving Thursday morning at Pitcairn. All of our cargo is ALREADY at our operating site.  We will work hard that first day to get as many antennas up as possible to get on the air by the end of the day, Thursday, October 17.  We must QRT by November 2 to make it back to Mangareva to catch the weekly flight again.

We are going to work extra hard as a team to make Ralph proud of us, as he has all but invested the last two years of his life into this project.

Visit our website often for updates. There you will find contact information for our pilots who will help us optimize our band/modes and propagation paths. Any information on long or short path openings would be welcome to our pilots. Financial contributions are most welcome, too!  See our website for more details.

73 and see you in the pileups!

Glenn – W0GJ

SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

The CQWW SSB Contest will have a first ever entry from Pitcairn Island on the weekend of Oct. 26th and 27th.  A contest contact with VP6R will reward you with a zone 32 multiplier AND a VP6 multiplier.  This will be an all band multi-multi effort, 160 through 10 meters.  That’s 12 possible multipliers.

If you are not in the contest and need a QSO with us, just give us a call with a signal report and your CQ zone in the exchange.  We want everyone in our log!  Then have some fun and work a few other stations.


The Braveheart called on Pitcairn on schedule on Sept. 6. All our DXpedition gear was unloaded and taken ashore by the Pitcairn Island longboats. Generators, fuel, antennas and masts, Flex radios, ACOM amps, the DX Engineering 160 vertical, Yagis — everything. It’s all there, stored safe and dry in the engineering building. When the roads dry out, all our gear will be moved to our operating sites and be ready for us when we arrive in October. This process will save us 150 to 200 man hours of installation time and get us on the air much faster.


  1. Ah yes, all the essentials for a DXPedition: generators, fuel, antennas and masts, Flex radios, ACOM amps, the DX Engineering 160 vertical, Yagis — everything … and cases of Tui beer.


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