It is with a very heavy heart that I share the sad news that we have lost Ananth Pai, VU2PAI at the young age of 47 – well known businessman, loving family man, top DXer and Contester, avid traveller, my close friend and ham student. He was in a true sense a ham ambassador from India who met and made numerous friends (Hams and others) wherever he went around the world.

Over the past month we were planning major upgrades to his already impressive new station and it is still a shock which has not sunk in yet.

We will all miss you a lot – RIP dear Pai and keep working the rare ones and contests wherever you are.

Friends, all of us are devastated with the horrible news of dear Pai’s passing. If you like you can send condolences for his loved ones through this link (select condolences, does NOT require sign-in):

73 de Prasad VU2PTT


  1. I worked Pai early in my HF career and was thrilled to receive his card as an ATNO and was equally pleased to work him many times over the years. I once e-mailed him to see if he would confirm our latest contact (12 meters as I remember) in time for the Dayton card checking. Imagine my surprise and delight to run into him in the flea market that May–I saw a cap with VU2PAI coming through the crowd and recognized the face under it; he saw my cap and the first words from his mouth were “Butch, did you get the card in time?”

    The next 10 minutes was time spent with an old friend.

    I will miss him.
    Butch, WS4H

  2. Very saddened to hear about Pai. I just saw his name in the QST Silent Key list and learned about his passing. I live in Chicago area and have had the chance to work him several time on 20m band in early afternoon. He was always very friendly and worked all stations patiently.

    A great loss to the world Ham Radio community. Rest In Peace Ananth and many thanks for the several QSOs.

    With a very heavy heart….

    Sanjay, KG9FA.

  3. I will never forget his kindness through the waves. How to forget when opened the envelope with his QSL and finding a Rupees note to pay me for useless post stamps as he was collector of. I am sure that he will remain in our memories forever.
    RIP dear Pai.

    Jose EA5BCQ

  4. We have lost a great DXer and a gentleman. Rest in Peace Pai.
    Tom Warren, K3TW (VU2TJW, AT0T – US Embassy New Delhi, 1986-1988)
    Lecanto, FL U.S.A.

  5. You gave many new ones to many people around the world: VU VU4 VU7 VU IOTAs etc. R.I.P. dear friend Paimam. Condolelces and love to family.

  6. Very sad news. He’s in my Logbook many times & always had a great signal. I true top DXer.
    May God Bless his family.

  7. We have good propagation here in Hawaii into the Indian Ocean, Pai always had a
    great signal and was always up for a chat. Fun to visit with, I will miss him, passed too soon.
    Aloha Pai.

    Ron KH6DV
    Kaneohe Bay Oahu Hawaii


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