Dima RA9USU poses this question?

I have a picture of something on top of Bartazuga Mountain (summit which divides Sudan and Bir Tawil). Nobody knows what it’s for! It’s making me crazy! Anyone know what it is?

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  1. Your Royal Majesty, I am surprised that the King of Bir Tawil doesn’t know ALL of his loyal subjects. Thanks for the 1U4UN Passport QSL book. It is VERY nice. 73.

  2. It is an iPhone docking station (so ET can phone home) … What is that noise I hear? Ah yes, it’s the SOTA chasers salivating …

  3. Further research indicates this is a rarely seen North African strain of the common Sand Dollar Echinarachnius parma. This Sand dollar is notable because it only has three radial patterns instead of the normal five. In some parts of Europe this Clypeasteroida is known as a Manx dollar (because of the three legs).


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