What to do about the “DX Cluster”?

    UPDATE – Lee VE7CC, who runs the well known VE7CC DX Cluster got in touch. His comment is here.

    Sébastien, F4FVQ recently wrote to DX-World with his views on DX Cluster issues and how they aid DQRM. He’s come up with an idea on how to make them more rigid but literally user-friendly at the same time. With a little editing, here’s Sébastien’s thoughts in full:

    The fact the team at K1N are recording DQRM into a database is a very good idea. However, I have noticed that a lot of DQRM is “amplified” by many exchanges on the DX Cluster. I started to wonder that it might be possible to make responsible the people who post such nonsense.

    For this to work it would mean blocking access to all non-registered calls to prevent anonymous or calls such as “EU0RPE” or “DX3R” etc. To register you would need to be validated and each operator must provide a copy of their license, similar to LoTW. A suspension of the account is given in a case of non-compliance because they did not adhere to the “Diffusion Rule” (to be created and defined). If messages, such as the ones below started to disappear, we could certainly eliminate a large mount of DQRM:

    “ham-spirit”??, “Monkey-radio ZOOOooo”, “EU ZOOOOO”, “PSE STOP QRM”, “CW/RTTY/SSB LIDS”, “Tnx for 3rd band”, “Tnx DXCC#344″, Pse 17m”, No Police pse”

    The cluster is not a forum.

    I do not know what you think of my idea, but in my opinion the best way to remove DQRM is to get people out of anonymity. I also would like my idea to have visibility so people can reflect and respond – that is why I am writing here.

    What do sys-ops say to my idea?

    Again, this is only a thought. It is only my opinion and it certainly needs to be improved. I hope that my small contribution can advance the war against this problem.

    Hope you can promote this idea. Best 73, F4FVQ – Sébastien

    PS, an example of what we all know is wrong with the DX Cluster. oops2

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