Kenneth, LA7GIA has announced the following on his webpage:

My next trip in a few months will be for 12 days operating – it’s already booked. I am in the planning process, selecting QTH, getting VISA and so on. More info later.

Previously, Kenneth has been as active as 7Q7GIA, D67GIA, 3C7A, TL8AO, TN5E, 6O6O.


  1. How about putting Turkmenistan on your schedule? It’s not that far away, nobody ever goes there, they only have three licensed hams and I have never ever heard any of them. It’s number 25 on the most wanted list.

    B.T.W. Thanks for the Comoros.

  2. I thought that Turkmenistan didn’t allow amateur radio nowadays, and that the 3 hams were previously licenced years ago, and continue to operate, but without the specific approval of the government?

    Apologies if my understanding is incorrect.

  3. I recall that all amateur radio operation is prohibited since August 2006. Have them heard/worked/confirmed but twice, 1978 and 1990. The 1978 QSL once again rubs it in that I’m an old fart.

  4. I think in Africa ora around there, better place for propagation worldwide during sunspot minimum.

    In EZ hamradio activity is not allowed since 2007… I think only russian can do something…somewhere.

  5. My suggestion would be YK Syria. YK land has not been on air for over 10 years and has climbed up the wanted list. Things have stabilised now in many parts of the country and possibly the YK government would be keen to do some flag waving via ham radio. I think it is likely the Russian guys would have the best shot at this one but may be Kenneth also has the skills to get this one done.

    I am also surprised that another shot has not been made to BS7H – again I understand that the Chinese government are happy to do some flag waving from this entity but I guess the cost of suitable transport is prohibitive.

    Paul – vk4ma

  6. Forgive me for being cynical but if an entity like Turkmenistan or North Korea is for all practical purposes “unworkable” then why keep it on the DXCC list? If future conditions change and they become “workable” then put them back on. Can someone from ARRL explain how I can get to top of the honor roll if two or more entities cannot be worked? I only have one lifetime to get this done.

  7. I agree with Paul VK4MA, I have Syria but once, OE6DK/YK Austrian Batt UNDOF on the Golan, year 1976. Been looking and hoping for a surprise ever since but no.

  8. Tom, if there’s life after death there may be amateur radio too. You won’t be able to update your LoTW counters but at least you’ll then know that you’ve made it. If the LoTW counters would be reset to zero however I’d say SOD IT!


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