We don’t think a survey like this has been done with a large scale global readership. Transceiver manufacturers – take note!

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  1. Having used Yeasu and Icom, I am now using an ANAN-100D for the past 5 years. A great transceiver with so many possibilities.

  2. disabled ,so i buy cheapest but efficient ones. In a best world bucks in pocket Eleckraft K3 would be my choice. In the real world i use IC718 with DSP as base station.using Xiegu 108g as mobile. Vhf/Uhf is Yeasu FT2980 (80w) 70cms 5 watts handheld with 75 amp .

  3. Have tried all manufacturers high end transceivers and when in 2006 I changed to Elecraft I finally found a manufacturer concentrating on performance and quality and I have no reason to change. Its the receiver, not the eye candy that allows me to work stations with my k3 I would be unlikely to hear with other makes. If you can’t hear them you won’t work them. Eye candy does not translate to DXCC. Nuff said.

  4. Love my Flex, most versatile radio I have used in 40 years of hamming. With the Elecraft KAT-500 and KPA-500 it’s a 500 watt transceiver. I can go out to eat with the XYL and operate the bands on my IPhone,
    what’s not to love?

  5. I have an FT-1000D, 1991 model, that I achieved # 1 Phone Honor Roll with. I still use it every day. I also have an FT-5000MPL. For my uses, I have always found Yaesu to be superior. I enjoyed an Elecraft K3 for 8 years and it was a good rig, especially for CW, but again – Yaesu is far more pleasing and effective for me. I’ ll stick with Yaesu for the duration.

  6. My current radios

    All do a great job for me!

  7. I like Yaesu for VHF/UHF mobiles but it was Icom 20 years ago.
    Icon then Kenwood and now Flex on HF.
    Still use Icom for HF mobile and Kenwood as backup.
    No direct sampling SDR mobiles yet.

  8. I have IC-7610 and SunSDR2, as the receiver of SunSDR2 wins from IC-7610. The panorama of SunSDR2 is simply gorgeous !!!

  9. The ergonomics and performance of the IC-7851 caused me to sell my Elecraft K3 and buy the IC-7851 four years ago. The proximity of the Service Center in Kirkland WA to my nearby QTH was also a plus. Never regretted that.

    73, Jim Denneny K7EG

  10. My dream radio is still here a ft1000mp but takes a back seat these days to one of the best radios i have ever owned, Yaesu ftdx5000 mp sits proudly facing me ready to go.!
    Where it shines is cw and data modes.
    I still carnt believe the filtering for cw
    sort of makes the signal leap out at ya

    73 David VK3EW

  11. Yaesu FTdx5000MP and a Kenwood TS-950SDX is the radios on my desk. Both are big and Heavy and don’t move around when a button is pressed. I will stay with these radios for now. Performance of both these radios is good enough for my need as I’m 90% CW.

  12. Still have the best luck with the older Yaesu Rigs. The new rigs are fancy but put together very poorly and have lots of problems. 31 years of all types always brings me back to Yaesu.

  13. Elecraft here. love my K3 with KAT500 & KPA500 combo. Then KX3 for portable work.
    Also have to say that Elecraft support beats any customer support that I have ever dealt with.

  14. Right after Christmas my friends got after me to upgrade my home-brew spark gap station, so I saved up and invested the big bucks in a Heathkit HW-29A Sixer. Five tubes of cutting-edge solid performance. It even has a loud speaker. I was lucky enough to get a good deal on the matching power supply and a used aerial.
    Takes up lots of space in my radio room, but it was well worth it. Almost filled up my new log book. Now I am really cool. King of the hill. It doesn’t get any better than THIS!

  15. The best radios I have owned have been the Anan 100D and K3. Like both a lot. Will eventually own a Flex 6 series. I don’t see Apache Labs on the list as an option.

  16. I’ve owned Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Heathkit and Swan. For the past 4 years I’ve owned Flex. It was the best decision I ever made and it re-energized my enthusiasm for the hobby. Their service is head and shoulders above all the others! I’m totally satisfied with their product and their company. My next radio will be a Flex.

  17. I own two FTDX-5000s. Before the advent of SunSDR2 Pro, it was the best transceivers. However, SunSDR2 Pro has better reception and better selectivity, and, most importantly, it takes up little space and it can be put together with the amplifier closer to the antenna.

  18. Elecraft K3s here. Best radio I’ve ever used, and I’ve used many in my 39 years on the air. As a contester and Honor Roll DXer, I demand a top notch no-compromise performer and the K3s fits that bill. Just added a KPA-1500 amp this week!

  19. I am one of those BUDGET hams so all of my equipment is like me and was given to me not working SO the ease of fixing and the final results I prefer Kenwood BUT I have many choices (ALL OLD) & Kenwood has to be final answer.

  20. Love both my Elecraft K2 and the newer KX-2.
    K2 is a very good station for stationary work, excellent RX.
    KX-2 is a nearly perfect companion on my small portable QRP expeditions. Nearly perfect because it wouldn’t hurt if it was better suited for field work, too many holes for water to seep into.

  21. Always an Icom — best user interface. Have the 7800 and 7850 and have owned the ICOM 756 series and 7700 too. Also own Collins, Halli’s, Hammarlunds, plus own a K3, KX3 and past owner of a K2. Icom beats them all in overall performance. Yes the K3 rocks in some departments, but the user interface is a killer. Totally non intuitive.

  22. Flex Radio Systems- has been the best I have owned and used, Have had several others and nothing compares on receive, the filtering is superb, great pan adapter display and the abilities to populate DX calls on-top of the pan adapter makes looking and working DC easy. Great customer service, Great user group, Flex API features, remote capabilities without anything extra to buy. Flex 3000 / Flex 6400

  23. I started with serial number 25 Flex 1000, followed by a 5000, 1500, 3000. I currently run a 6400 no knobs.
    There are no words that do these justice. I ran 5 watts as P40GH at P49V and no one noticed. C U on or as DX

  24. The Flex 6600 is the best transceiver I have used in my 60+ years of amateur radio. Flex Radio is an outstanding American company in terms of service, products, personnel, etc.

  25. I have been running the Flex-6500 for the past five years. Among other things, the Flex 6000 Series has the best panadapter in the business, is the easiest to set up for Digital modes, has brick wall filtering, extraordinary SSB audio capabilities, and top line receivers.

    There are other great rigs out there, but for me the Flex is the best fit for my operating style.

  26. Dear colleagues, In writing of the name of one of the manufacturing companies probably the random error is made. The company making the equipment for radio fans, for example SunSDR2pro and MB1 has the name Expert Electronics. The distorted name of this company if you meant it, misleads participants of poll.
    Thanks for interesting poll.
    73 for all!

  27. For the last ten years I worked on many transceivers, IC-756PRO, TS-2000, FT-2000, IC-7000, Flex-1500… But the best was SunSDR2 from the Expert Electronics company!

  28. My SunSDR2Pro from Expert Electronics have the best receiver performance. Absolutely happy! PS Full loaded Elecraft K3 was sold.

  29. After over 60 years of ham radio I’ve used top of the line radios from all major manufacturers. My Elecraft KX3, my first from Elecraft, is without a doubt the finest. The company is superb also.

    My first receiver when I got my first license in 1957 as K1IGY, was a BC348.

  30. I tried a K3 but went straight back to the Icom 7600 after a few weeks. RX performance pretty similar but missed the nice Icom display, too many multi function buttons on the K3 which makes using it cumbersome, 7600 noise blanker far superior for my local noise sources, need to buy a separate panadapter and a 6 metre preamp for the K3. The only advantage I could see with the K3 was it’s smaller size if you are a dxpeditioner or field day man. Elecraft support if you live in the USA looks to be very good but no local dealer here in VK and shipping costs for parts / warranty issues can be eye watering. I have just this week moved onto a nice used 7610 and I am very happy with this radio so far. Support from Icom here in VK is pretty awful but we do get a very long warranty from Icom (5 years) which is nice
    Paul – vk4ma

  31. The KX2 is the first “store bought new” rig I’ve owned. It’s overkill for my needs (primarily CW) but the receiver is as good as any I’ve used in the past, including a Collins 75A4 back in the 60’s. And, since I’m doing park activations, it’s easy to transport, reasonable on power consumption, etc. I’ve used the Kenwood 817, and a Icom 703, but the KX2’s receiver beats both of them.

  32. Currently here in Central Europe I am using an older Icom IC-775DSP and I am quite sure that its 200 W often makes a (small) difference in a pile-up (CW & SSB). The rest is a good dx ear and good behaviour on the bands. As long as you know how to operate your rig the brand does not matter too much. Now I am waiting for my KH1-QSL 🙂

  33. Hi! I’ve been a radio ham since 1969 .Used to operate a homemade UW3DI transceiver, UA1FA,RA3AO, Industrial transceiver Kenwood TS870S with 2015 use SunSDR2 Very happy!!!

  34. Hi! in My 45 years of Radio Amateur since SWL I had been with old and new Yaesu, Kenwood and now enjoying FLEX, SDR is the way now!!!

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