NEWS UPDATE – Simon updates to say he is now active on FT8 (20m) from today. He mentions to check on pskreporter for his signal. He’s using an inverted V antenna at a low-ish height right now, but hopes to erect a 2-element Yagi beam at a better height in the next few weeks.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

I just got my XW licence! The call is XW0LP (= Luang Prabang, the town in north Laos where I now live). I’ve created a QRZ and Club Log profile.

My XW licence is valid for 1 year from 1st October 2019, and is initially valid only for 20 meter band operations, because I need to confirm propagation and antenna performance from my new QTH. If all looks good, I’ll extend my licence to other bands. (It costs more money for more bands, hence my initial desire to limit myself to just one band).

I’ll ask other hams what second band would be in demand. 60 meters?, something else? Please let me know and I’ll plan accordingly.

On 20 meters, I will be active every day, mostly using FT8. My rig sits right next to my work desk, so I can keep an eye on the band and answer calls as they are received. I WON’T use Fox + Hounds mode on FT8, just simple, single mode. I operate my FT8 software manually so that I can select which call to reply to.

73, Simon XW0LP (ex-XZ2A)