NEWS UPDATE — We are pleased to confirm our final band plan during the XX9B DXpedition to be in the air between Mar 9th, 2018 and Mar 17th, 2018:

Mode 160M 80M 40M 30M 20M 17M 15M 12M 10M
CW 1.821,5* 3.517 7.017 10.117 14.007 18.087 21.007 24.891 28.007
SSB —- 3.777 7.060 / 7.167 —- 14.167 18.137 21.277 24.930 28.477
RTTY —- —- 7.047 10.147 14.087 18.107 21.087 24.927 28.087
FT8 1.840 3.573 7.074 10.136 14.074 18.100 21.074 24.915 28.074

* We will listen DOWN 2-3 in 160m to JA. We will listen UP to all others.

Considering some obstacles, we had to consider to upload our logs twice a day at Club Log, instead of working with online log uploading. Thus, we guarantee the lowest possibility of any mistake that could affect the reliability of our log.

PP1CZ will be the one responsible for uploading logs at Club Log. If you wish to clarify any issue related to log, please address your e-mail to PP1CZ:, but do not forget that PP1CZ is part of the team and will be busy during the DXpedition.

We are proud to welcome our latest 2 ops: PY5KD – Luciano and VU3RSB – Sara. They will certainly contribute to a wider number of contacts.

The final XX9B team will be: PP1CZ – Leo, PR7AB – Junior, PY2MC – Claudio, PY2SEX – Alex, PY2WAS – Alex, PY4BZ – Fernando, PY5HSD – Herminio, PY5KD – Luciano, PY6RT – Beto, PY7XC – Jim, VU3RSB – Sara and XX9LT – Bom.

PY2WAS and PY4BZ are already in Asia and the rest of the team will be joining in the coming days.

We will be prioritizing 160m and 80m transmissions during our sunrise and sunset times.

If you have queries, comments, requests, etc… address it to as they will be shared with the rest of the team and replied in due course.

We thank all colleagues that contributed with their valuable opinions and support.

Enjoy your hunt!

73, XX9B DXpedition Team

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  1. Tough location for operating, regardless of band. EXTREMELY high noise floor in Macau and not much room for antennas. Wish you well. 73 John KE7B

  2. Wishing you all good luck and looking forward to catch you on air from such a place with hard transmitting condx.
    Best 73s de Jose EA5BCQ.

    Ex XX9TBM,
    team member of XX9E,XX9THX,XX9R.

  3. I also very much hope that you will be able to activate the range of 160 meters.
    Thank you in advance, good luck and success in everything. Good health to you

  4. Hello, most Inportant Band should be 80m and 160m … all other are not Most wanted, on Air of couple Expeditions in past and Rare because difficult Condx. But They can work many JA on higher Bands in Low SFI 🙂 but no Matter, GL and GD Condx 73

  5. Given the recent excellent operation from Macao, the in demand band for XX9 is 160mtrs. You should reconsider your priorities and make an effort there, if at all possible. Club Log stats will show you how much the need there is outside of Japan.


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