NEWS UPDATEHere’s a photo to show exactly what the generous donations from radio amateurs all over the world have made possible. I’m not spending this money on beer and loose women! The donations to date have allowed me to purchase story-book and English vocabulary picture book sets for 20 orphanages, monastic and ‘needy’ primary schools in Chin and Kachin States, in north Myanmar. I’ll add alphabet letter practice exercise books, dictionaries and English vocabulary posters to these sets, box them up and send them off shortly to the schools. Thanks again to everyone who made a donation, however small. 73 Simon XZ2A.

APRIL 20 – Simon XZ2A updates DX-World readers:

As previously mentioned, I moved yesterday to a new hotel QTH in Naypyitaw.  I have installed a 5/8 wave vertical for 15 metres (which is where most of my operating takes place.  The antenna uses an MFJ telescopic fibre-glass mast with the vertical wire running inside the tubing.  There’s a series inductance coil at the base to match to 50 ohms and currently 16 ground radials (I’ll probably install more because the soil is rather sandy).  The water bottles are to weight the mast and base down.

First impressions after a couple of hours in operation is that the performance is certainly improved over my previous QTH.  I am getting good propagation into OC, Hawaii and western SA around 0600 local, and Asia throughout the day.  Europe and east coast SA and AF has best propagation in the late afternoon and evening.

With this new antenna, I’ll check VOACAP predictions for propagation to NA (west and east coasts).

As you can see from the JTDX screengrab, it seems to work OK for Japan…. 🙂

APRIL 2 – Simon, XZ2A has now received his LoTW certificate and it’s loaded into the system. He now awaits for ARRL DXCC approval for his callsign.

A few days ago, while in Bangkok, Simon met Champ E21EIC.


MARCH 24 – Pictures below show Simon collecting his XZ2A license from the government Ministry in Naypyitaw. The lady on his right is the Director of the Spectrum Planning department.

Simon mentions he is now on air using a temporary antenna at his current QTH.  In a few weeks, he’ll move to a better QTH in Naypyitaw.

MARCH 21 — XZ2A is the first resident amateur radio station in Myanmar since 1962. The station is operated by Simon, HS0ZIB and much more info can be found here

Simon, XZ2A / HS0ZIB in foreground.


  1. To avoid you wasting time searching for my signals right now, please note that I have to make a short trip back to Bangkok to pick up some items before I’ll be on the air.

  2. Latest update – I decided to go on-air from my temporary Naypyitaw QTH, prior to my trip back to Bangkok and move to a better location on my return. So I’m only using a very compromise antenna right now. However, as the band closed up for the night (Friday 23rd), I managed QSOs with several stations in Ukraine and with A45XR in Oman.

    Please look for my FT-8 signals over the weekend 24th/25th on 15 metres. I know it is CW/SSB contest weekend and I will NOT being using SSB, to avoid creating a pile-up. I’ll stick to digital for this weekend 🙂

  3. Update 4/4/18: I’ve uploaded logs to LOTW for QSOs up to 30th March (when I came to Bangkok for a short break). As the photo shows, I attended the RAST meeting in Bangkok and had a good chat with Champ.

    I return to Naypyitaw on 12th April.


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