QTH: Capricho Beach House

Tom, KC0W informs DX-World readers that after a substantial wait he has been given approval for YS2/KC0W by El Salvador’s licensing authority.

El Salvador is not rare at all but I hope to offer band fills for fellow CW enthusiasts especially in Asia & Europe. The DXpedition will be QRV during February 16-22, 2019. Bands 6 – 80 meters CW only. Running 1kW to homebrew 40 and 20 meter phased arrays. All other bands will be single verticals. I will be operating from the same beach QTH which HU2DX used in 2012 for their remarkable 45,000+ QSO DXpedition“.


  1. Hi Tom! Nice to hear you’re well!
    YS is not too rare, you are right, but too hard from z17 and z18. Pse dont forget to look us)) I know some famous HAMs here who never worked YS before! Hopes prop will good. 73 and be carefull!

  2. One more day has been added. I will now be QRV on February 15th instead of the 16th……………….Thanks Dan (DL5SE) for the electrical information.

    Tom YS2/KC0W

  3. Be careful! There are various sockets with 115 and 230 volts! There are two phases, but can also have the US power outlet 230 V or the European standard 115 V. Good luck
    VY73 – DL5SE (one of the HU2DX – crew)

  4. Hello Tom.

    It will be very good if you will work on 160m also.

    Need for New One. Very hard for UA4 on Top Band.
    73! Victor UA4HBW.

  5. Thanks Klaus I’m glad you enjoy CW as well…………….UPDATE: My full callsign will be YS1/KC0W. (I neglected to include number 1 call district in my original email to Col)


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