APRIL 15 — Following the LoTW upload of April 1st, the first Kosovo Z60A QSL card arrived in the U.S. during the past week to 92-year old Frank, K4BVQ, allowing him to reach the DXCC sticker #385. Former INDEXA president Gary Dixon, K4MQG made a special personal delivery, delighting Frank, a serious DXer and supporter of the DX segment of Amateur Radio. Following this special delivery, all U.S. direct requests, whether Club Log or through direct mail will be released locally in San Francisco at the end of this week.

The donor QSLs for the rest of the world are in process, while other direct requests will start surfacing during the week of May 1st. The card is 4-page full color, giving a detailed description of this unique mission.

DX is not simply collecting LoTW points. The QSL card is also an educational piece aimed at the wide world and the issues behind the radio contacts. Better yet, you may meet three representatives of the Z60A activation; Vjollca, Z61VB, Jim, K9JF and Martti, OH2BH at the Visalia DX Convention over the weekend of April 20/22 and hear their fascinating stories. DX Conventions typically offer these personal and emotional meetings. While in California they may also visit some young DXers who were successful in contacting Z60A.

MARCH 23 — It is now 10-days from the last QSO made at Z60A, the Republic of Kosovo’s first activation. Because this is an overall new DXCC entity, it has resulted in many requests for checking missing QSOs due to pirates, a variety of logging errors and busted calls. We have extended this period for another week as we try to enter the cleanest possible QSO data to LoTW.

The magic day for the complete LoTW upload will be Fools Day, April.01, 2018. We will continue processing log errors for another 7-days prior to the upload. Queries can be made at z60a@sral.fi

While waiting, you may have a look at the Z60A four-page QSL layout at www.qrz.com/db/Z60A to capture the essence of the Mission Goodwill Kosovo. These papers cards are at the printer, and we expect to have them here around April.01 as well. We will proceed with mailing as fast as we can.


The Mission Goodwill Kosovo is ever thankful and delighted to have been invited to present the heartbreaking — and regrettable — story of “The Republic of Kosovo and Z60A” at the Visalia International DX Convention over the weekend of April, 20 thru 22. The trio of Vjollca, Z61VB, Martti, OH2BH and Jim, K9JF will be the Saturday evening Banquet speakers, presenting the latest DXCC country, number 340.


The Z60A activation went QRT at 2020 UTC last night after 30-day-long initial activation of this latest new DXCC entity.

A total of 98,450 QSOs included 30,541 individual callsigns from 174 DXCC entities. The delegates to a variety of support functions and radio operating represented twelve (12) countries. They worked well together in a real ham’s spirit and assisted local Kosovar hams in many ways now that they will be on their own among the global amateur radio community. We welcome them most heartily to our family.

The Mission Goodwill Kosovo would like to thank those twenty-eight people who came from near and far, flying and driving to spend these thirty wonderful days together in the Republic of Kosovo:


We also would like to thank those people who supported the mission at different points of the long process:

9A5W, K0IR, K1ZZ, K3ZJ, K3ZO, K4MQG, K5FUV, K6RV, K6TA, K8ZTT, K9JF, N0AX, N4MM, N7NG, W3UR, W5IZ, W6SZN, W9KNI, G3BJ, G3TXF, MD0CCE, OH2BH, OH2BN, OH2BUW, PB2T, VE6SH, YV5AM, Mr. Nicholas Cendrowicz of the European Union and Mr. Kreshnik Gashi, ARKEP of Kosovo.

Just on the day of finishing the mission – today – there was a telephone call from Mr. Kreshnik Gashi, Chairman of the Kosovo Telecom administration to OH2BH indicating that just today the new ITU country code +383 and related routing was activated and Kosovo was standing on its own. It did not bother the spirit even if the minute cost of the initial call exceeded USD 25.00 and worked one-way only.

The Mission Goodwill Kosovo faded into the horizon with many fond memories of the past 10-years. Thank you for being part of it!

A LoTW upload will be done soon and QSLs are at the printers next week.

MARCH 9 — Since the original activity from Kosovo was much hampered by a high noise level at both locations particularly on low-bands, a team led by Pertti OG2M, Miro OM5RW, Rudy OM3PC and Driton, Z61DX has put all its effort into hoisting full size verticals for this weekend from a quiet location beyond the city noise. Beverages have been built for the U.S and Japan. They are using a local cell site tower as their supporting structure.

The trio will have two signals on the air throughout the next three (3) nights, on 160, 80, 40 and 30M. In addition, they will still penetrate the 20M openings above 14025 KHz for U.S. Advanced and Generals.

Last night they were able to reach the U.S on 160M and even the West Coast on 80M with only 100 watts thanks to N6TQ and others. Tonight they will have full power.

Early this week also marked another happy occasion as six (6) more Kosovar youth took their exams for amateur radio license.

On Tuesday next week the group at Z60A will start taking apart their two sites, while the towers and beams will soon be QRV with the locals. This first radio activity of the Mission Goodwill Kosovo will soon be history.

The QSL design is in the works, and cards should start coming out by mid-April.

Thank you for interest in Kosovo and its evolving Amateur Radio.

MARCH 2 — While DL5AXX and OH2BH will concentrate on the ARRL DX SSB Contest, Henri, OH3JR will do 20M CW and other CW bands from the regular Z60A base camp. He will pay special attention to the U.S. propagation window: 13.00 thru 18.00 UTC.

A follow up activity will be led by OG2M with OM3PC and OM5RW. They will make yet another major low-band push before the closing of the low-band season. The overall Z60A activation will finish March 12.

FEBRUARY 26 — The Z60A organizers OG2M, OH2BH and OH3JR will be activating this newest DXCC entity again from this Wednesday Feb, 28 onward on low-bands and in the ARRL DX (SSB) Contest, as their previous operating sites are still fully furnished with towers and beams.

They were previously disappointed as they were not able to achieve clean receiving on the low bands, thus locals Z61DX, Z61AS and Z62FB have been working hard to find the noise sources.

It now looks like both 80M and 40M are relatively clean, while 160M is still a challenge. The operators will try beverages located as far as possible from the noisy electricity lines, and they are also considering going to the middle of nowhere with their Spiderbeam radiator.

It will be another Arctic mission though, as the temperatures are estimated to reach minus 17C / 1F, and permanent snow is covering the scene as they are 700m ASL.

Additionally they will carry two complete stations for SHARK, to be put on the air by the locals. You can expect even more activity soon.

DX Engineering (DXE) has made a sizeable antenna/cable donation to boost the local activity. David, W9CTJ has donated A Yaesu FT450-D for one of the local operators to be announced soon.

FEBRUARY 19 — ES2RR, OG2M, OH1MA, OH2BH and Z62FB left Pristina and crossed the Albanian border at 2PM today on their way to their Albanian homes. They plan to work on antennas at ZA1EM and ZA1F tomorrow before finally heading to their respective countries on Wednesday. They left a piece of their hearts, and left their Kosovo operating sites in intact for their return over the weekend of the ARRL DX (SSB) Contest in two weeks.

The first Kosovo activation resulted in 81,478 QSOs with 26,487 individual callsigns. Of the total number of QSOs, some 22% (17,876) were from North America and 10% (8255) were with DXers in Asia. Europe was obviously dominating with 66% (53,725) QSOs.

Delegates from ten (10) different countries were part of the initial activity. They returned home with many fond memories of this now 10 year old Republic, which was finally granted DXCC status on January 21, 2018.

The festivities surrounding Kosovo’s 10th anniversary were warm and memorable. The entire country – particularly the capital Pristina – were the party grounds, with the main street full of people listening to the open-air street concerts, featuring the famous British singer Rita Ora, a Kosovo native. The evening was cold – below the freezing mark – but the warmth of the occasion overrode the cold February night at 650 meters above sea level.

In the comfort of the city center, the Government of Kosovo offered a memorable reception and luncheon marking Amateur Radio’s past ten years toward this memorable day. Martti Laine, OH2BH of Project Goodwill Kosovo and Hans Blondeel-Timmerman, PB2T of the International Amateur Radio Union were personally awarded plaques commemorating their support in making this day happen.

Kosovo’s good name is now carved in stone, and many Kosovar voices will continue to penetrate the radio spectrum. A new DXCC counter was born!

Please kindly look at your QSOs in Club Log and at QRZ.com (Z60A). In the case of errors, please allow the group look at problems and correct them accordingly. For a next three weeks, errors will be worked out and the log will be entered into Logbook of the World (LoTW). Early donors will receive their direct QSL cards with others to follow immediately thereafter. Thank you for being part of the first (Z60A) Kosovo activation.

FEBRUARY 11 — The weather has been warming up in Kosovo lately and is currently above the freezing mark. Many are wondering why it isn’t possible to eliminate the noise by setting up camp in the quiet open field. The underlying fact is that Pristina is more that 650m above the sea level, and this winter has been particularly cold with -13C temperatures experienced during the activation period. There are prospects in place for the final and upcoming week to operate from a better place. Driton, Z61DX, has been testing the location and reception is dramatically better than at Z60A.

Considering that Kosovo will stay on the DXCC map and that this is the very first activation, not all noise and other challenges are expected to be resolved. However, a remote location for RX/TX is underway and the first tests may be done this week.  Bill, AA7XT, has donated an XR9 antenna to this application and it is now used at a temporary location by Z61DX – soon to be moved to the remote site. The project seeks a reasonably priced pair of second-hand TS590 rigs for remote implementation. Please contact N7NG or OH2BH.

The purpose of this first activation was to bring in delegates from as many countries as possible. This helps Kosovar hams in expanding their network of friends into many interesting countries – something that had not happened over the past years of “none” status.  During this coming week Toivo, ES2RR, will boost the number of delegate countries to ten (10).

The departing German/Slovenian team of DJ5IW, DM5TI, DD2ML and S57AW did a fantastic job while introducing the data modes (RTTY & FT8). They made up to 10,000 digital QSOs (some 4000 in the WPX RTTY) , with the Z60A project total now reaching 70,000. Driton, Z61DX, and his brother Agim, Z61AS, were also QRV all day Saturday on FT8 as a result of the past week’s work by Ulli, DD2ML, and others.

During this RTTY weekend the SHRAK HQ location was exclusively activated on 20M SSB by locals: Z61VB, Z61FF, Z62FB and Z63DBB.

The DX community has been generous to their fellow hams in Kosovo. All donations are temporarily marked for SHRAK needs and will be managed by the Yasme Foundation directors Martti, OH2BH, and Hans, PB2T, together with Pertti, OG2M, and SHRAK president Vjollca, Z61VB. The “early LoTW with fast paper QSL” concept will continue to March 15th, 2018. Thanks also to Jyri, OH2KM, for managing all related data operations.

The final jubilee week is now starting. An international delegation will participate in the ceremonies celebrating the 10th anniversary of Independence. In addition, they will give out new DXCC contacts to those who still have an “ATNO” need and be active in the ARRL DX CW contest. The team includes Z61DX, ES2RR, OG2M, OH1MA, OH2BH and others.

Regards from the vibrant city of Pristina, with many new prospects underway!

FEBRUARY 5 — The 3rd week is starting and many delegates in Kosovo will be heading back home.

This week has offered variety of low-bands and odd bands on CW by VE7NY and DL3DXX who will depart soon.

Now the new week will concentrate on giving out some RTTY QSOs. The group of DJ5IW, DM5TI, DD2ML and S57AW will keep the RTTY fire on, including the CQ WPX RTTY contest while the next weekend would bring-in the local showcase by the most active locals; Z61DX, Z61VB, Z62FB and Z63DBB. They will be a fresh air from the Pristina HQ Station at the Pristina Technical University.

The 4th and last week will bring back a small international tag- team, adding the number of country delegates to eleven (11). They will take the party machine to the actual 10TH Independency Anniversary on Feb.18, which activity would include sporadic showing in the ARRL DX (CW) Contest.

Some pictures have been added to Z60A on QRZ.com

FEBRUARY 2 — Currently three stations are up and running with DL3DXX, DL5CW, DJ5IW, IK0FVC and VE7NY at the helm. The activation is now up to 50,000 QSOs logged; https://secure.clublog.org/charts/?c=Z60A#r

The first Z60A activation will culminate with the actual day of Kosovo’s 10th Independence anniversary, Sunday Feb.18, 2018, with extended festivities, which will include the international amateur radio delegation. On same weekend the ARRL DX Contest (CW) is running, and the visitors will team up with the locals to wrap up the project and salute the ARRL and U.S contesting community with Z6 now being accepted for all ARRL awards and contest programs.

As the Kosovar amateurs have suffered for the past ten-years with limited opportunities and sometimes with the pirate label, it is now noted that with the new DXCC status, DXers the world over have taken a positive step forward to close the 10-year gap and welcome the Kosovar hams with open arms to our great community. Kosovar hams are much taken by this gesture, and the project group has organized to move forward on turning potential help to the best of Amateur Radio in the Republic of Kosovo. The weekend of February 10/11 will be a showcase of locals as they will now take the microphone and put the Z60A on the air accordingly: Z61DX, Z61VB, Z63DBB and Z62FB will be at the controls for a 20M showing, both CW and SSB.

Kan Mizoguchi, JA1BK has stepped forward first and shipped a brand new Yaesu FT450 to Dona, Z63DBB (YL) so that she will be able to carry-on with her home-based activity. With Z61DX and Z62FB suffering with the Pristina high noise level, RemoteRig (SM2OAN) has donated two pairs of the remote control units so that a clean receiving site can be established outside of the capital Pristina. The European DX Foundation (EUDXF) has stepped forward, and their monetary support was presented to SHRAK, the Kosovo IARU member society. The Yasme Foundation has released an extensive series of ARRL publications to the SHRAK HQ library at the Technical University of Pristina.

If any of the U.S persons and/or clubs would like to extend their help to Kosovo, please contact Wayne, N7NG at n7ng@arrl.net


The Club Log OQRS system is set to cover the cost of direct QSL postage – USD 3.00, while also allowing voluntarily, private contributions. All donations small or large are most welcome to support SHRAK, the Kosovo Amateur Radio Association to aid in recruiting additional Kosovar youth and to activate the existing Amateur Radio operators and support their activities.

As many have requested confirmations during the ongoing activation, it has been decided to do an immediate LoTW and fast direct QSL service for those who contribute USD 20.00 or more. This option would not delay any of the traditional QSL options, but just put a priority on those who are willing to help Kosovo Amateur Radio finally move beyond the past ten difficult years.

If you wish to upgrade your earlier QSL request to this enhanced service you can send your donation through the ClugLog https://secure.clublog.org/make_donation.php?call=Z60A

On behalf of the Project Goodwill Kosovo,

Martti Laine, OH2BH

JANUARY 30 — A new team of G3TXF, IK0FVC, K9JF, VE7NY, DL3DXX, DL5CW and DJ5IW will be at work soon with three radios again as they lost one that had to be replaced. In total, hams from 10 countries will participate in the project’s current phase.

Last Sunday marked a wonderful and memorable reception honoring the recent DXCC status of the Republic of Kosovo. Speeches were made by the SHARK president Vjollca, Z61VB, Kosovo’s regulator (ARKEP) Chairman, Kreshnik Gashi as well as ARRL Honorary VP Jim, K9JF and IARU’s R1 Secretary Hans, PB2T. Their remarks were complemented by words from Project Goodwill’s Kosovo coordinator, Martti, OH2BH. All were emotionally touched by this long march of 10-years, further enhancing the original U.S State Department recognition in February, 2008, while now saluting Kosovo’s official entry into the DXCC world on an equal basis.

On the radio front, the 40.000 QSO mark has been passed as the team is concentrating on maximizing its Asia and North America numbers. They are well on their way by penetrating those selective openings. Be patient, as their best effort is given at all times in spite of the high noise level. As the locations are fixed, the only improvement opportunity is to see whether low-laid receiving antennas would help with this mission. The second week team will try to accomplish that task as they move toward the upcoming weekend.

Many are asking about an immediate LoTW upload during the operation, and these options are being taken under consideration. An LoTW upload and early QSL card may be considered as an additional service, while its modest compensation would be exclusively directed to further support for evolving Amateur Radio in Kosovo.

The project members are thankful for the local Z6-team and the OH, OZ and S5 guys, who did a great job in building up the sites and handing out the many new counter contacts. Happy DXCC week was passed with best of amateur radio.

JANUARY 25 – It is surprisingly cold in Kosovo as temperatures are running record low for this week – today it was minus 13 C (8F). The group is in good spirits and keeping Z60A activated as much as they can with their other duties. Another challenging issue is a noise that arise at dark when hundreds of lights come on – increasing in number are those noisy LED lights now penetrating the market. Nothing we can do about those other than suffering with up to S8 noise.

But as our U.S and Canadian reps; Jim, K9JF and Sandro, VE7NY, arrive they will hopefully be able to pull out their familiar call signs out the noise. Patience is needed as we are not able to move the party-location and the SHRAK HQ to more suitable noise free place.

More bands will be added for the weekend and among them 160M and 17M. The team will be enhanced by K9JF, PB2T, VE7NY, IK0FVC, G3TXF and DL3DXX and others so the firepower will be added after the weekend’s Independence ceremonies, added to the DXCC happiness.

The Internet is very sporadic thus the Club Log uploads can be delayed up to 24-hours.

JANUARY 23 @ 16:00z – The start date for Republic of Kosovo DXCC credit is January 21, 2018. Previous Z6 QSOs/QSLs will not count. Current Z60A operation is valid. More here

Exclusive pictures below credit Kenneth, OZ1IKY who is operating from the 2nd location with Olli, OH0XX. They generally run 20 & 40CW. Pileups have been large.

JANUARY 23, 2018 @ 06:00z — Kosovo’s IARU Society SHARK, and its president Vjollca Caka, Z61VB are hosting a tenth anniversary activation celebrating Kosovo’s independence, February 2008.

The activation has already started, with Z60A being found on several bands. Adding to their HQ location is a semi-permanent low-band site. Both sites have beam antennas plus four K3s and SPE 1.3KW amps. Olli, OH0XX has been testing the propagation over the past two days with good — but narrow — U.S openings.

An international team has been invited to Kosovo and is partially on the ground at this time. The team consists of DL3DXX, OH0XX, OH1MA, OH2BH, OH3JR, OZ1IKY, S50A and S51F, along with locals Z61DX, Z61FF, Z61VB, Z62FB and Z63DBB. Additional locals are behind this activity as well, and a new 2nd week team will be announced soon.

Jim, K9JF, ARRL Hon. Vice-President and Hans, PB2T, IARU R1 secretary will add to the party.

The ARRL Rocky Mountain Division director, Dwayne Allen, WY7FD has informed the team that the LoTW and the other ARRL structures are being put into place to receive this new DXCC country contacts. Already, “Republic of Kosovo” is listed in the DXCC Challenge pages.

Club Log will be used for this activation, while QSLs go via OH2BH. [source: N7NG]

*A reminder of the earlier news and tweet DX-World put out on January 21st.


  1. After leaving previous post I was expecting DX-World to give it same publicity as original news so hams who did not see ITU bulletin are informed. Any comment for the sake of truth gentlemen?

  2. What Martti & Co are going to say now? Would ARRL still accept it as legal?



    Interational Telecommunication Union officially confirms that use of Z6
    prefix is illegal.

    ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1149, June 1st 2018.

    Secretary-General of ITU

    Following the inquiry of the Administration of Serbia of 16 March 2018
    regarding the use of Call Sign Series Z6 by amateur radio stations of
    Kosovo*, I would like to provide the following statement:

    Pursuant to Article 19 of the Radio Regulations, notably its
    provisions Nos. 19.28B and 19.33, the management of international series
    of call signs is a prerogative of ITU. Call sign series can be allocated
    only to the administrations of the ITU Member States by world
    radiocommunication conferences or, between radiocommunication
    conferences, by the ITU Secretary-General. In this respect, the
    attention of the ITU administrations is drawn to the fact that ITU has
    not allocated call sign series Z6 to any of its Member States.
    Consequently, the utilization of call signs series Z6 by any entity
    without a formal allocation and consent of the
    ITU represents an unauthorized and illegal usage of this international
    numbering resource.

    * This designation is without prejudice to position on status, and is in
    line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ opinion on Kosovo declaration of

  3. Any Idea when us Africans can expect a QSL card?
    My Post Box Stays empty 🙁


  4. I had so much fun at Z6 FT8 pileup and I didn’t take radio at Lanzarote missing RDXC, BARTG, WPX SSB 🙁 Local hams not interested. Boring sunshine only…

  5. z60a and kosovo
    One question for Europeans:
    Do you know where is the Brussels and what kind of negotiation are being held there between Serbia and Kosovo? Why certain group of radioamateurs is lobbying and therefore violate international regulations? Politics? Is it possible in the EU to drive a car for a long time and only then to take the driving test to obtain licence? Teach me those EU positive achievement !!!

  6. What’s going on here? This station was running split on 30m from approx 0600utc to 0720utc 12 Mar 18. 10.112MHz. He was sending the wrong callsign ZB0A, definitely NOT Z60A for at least an hour in a split pileup (up1). I assume he’s incorrectly programmed a computer or memory keyer.
    I recorded this and slowed it down to check with other hams that the call being sent was ZB0A. The whole world was working him and spotting him as Z60A on the Cluster.
    ALL those qso’s are invalid for DXCC!! You can’t use a Gibraltar callsign in Kosovo.
    If you worked him at those times…..GET A REPLACEMENT QSO or cry later….

  7. What evidence you have to say that Albanians are treated poorly? CNN reports? US sources? Paul, we treated Albanians much better and with more respect compared to treatment Aboriginals have in Australia, THEIR NATIVE country, from settlers who took it. Do I have to remind you about native Americans destiny or slavery, African Americans rights? Australians and Americans are the last to give any argument on that matter. You better take some time and LEARN something about history and you will see that our kingdom of Serbia and our kings resided right there 1000 years a go, when Albanians were nowhere to be seen. That is a cradle of our nation and they want to take it away from us with US support. You can not compare that with VK9/VK0 or several other DXCC entities, those territories are not taken away from Australia.

  8. Hello Pop

    I have already stated above that I can understand why Serbian hams may be upset by the decision. My point is that there is nothing to be gained in venting about it here on DX World.

    I should further point out that DXCC country status actually has very little connection with actual real world country status. Alaska and Hawaii are actually separate DXCC countries already but this has no bearing on their “real world” country status.
    The USA (via the DXCC program) has already declared a number of Australian territories as separate countries – we have vk9s and vk0s – the DXCC status of these entities does not change the fact they are part of the Commonwealth of Australia.

    As for vk7 being declared a new country, I guess my feelings would depend on why the residents of vk7 wanted to cede from Australia in the first place. If Tasmanians had been treated poorly and were of separate and distinct ethnicity I doubt I would oppose their secession request. Why force people to be part of your team if they do not want to be part of your team?

    I do not pretend to be an expert on how the Kosovo situation came about but I do know that Serbia and other states were only fairly recently part of the state of Yugoslavia which in itself was an artificial construct. Should we be reconstructing Yugoslavia, should we go back even further and reconstruct the states that existed 100 or even 1000 years ago?

    Where does it all end.

    Paul – vk4ma

  9. To Paul, VK4MA: I am sure your thinking and comment will be very much different if, for instance, US foreign office would declare Tasmania as a sovereign country, without UN approval, disregarding international laws and ARRL will declare it as a new DXCC. Think about that my friend. I remind you, “Kosovo and Metohija” is part of Serbia confirmed by UN resolution #1244 and that has not changed, ITU did not assign Z6 prefix and it is used illegally and ARRL falsify ITU list … Why than they are not letting Catalonia separation? There are several similar cases all over the globe … What is ARRL doing? Supporting PIRACY for the sake of fist of dollars to be earned for new DXCC upgrades … Shame

  10. Any reason why there is no 12 metre activity? Band open to EU from VK around the same time as for 15 metre qsos.

    Congrats to Col here in this thread for allowing free discussion and also for consistency in criticising the $20 payment requirement for immediate LOTW upload. (Yes Col, I remember your vehment criticism of the Italian DX Group when they introduced a tiny fee for LOTW so at least you are consistent in your views regardless of which DX Group is involved)

    Personally I have no problem with the $20 fee – it is only a 4-6 week wait for those not wanting to make a donation which is perfectly reasonable.

    I also understand the Serbian frustrations but fundamentally DXCC is an American run program and thus decisions re country status are like to reflect US foreign policy considerations. If you do not like it then I guess EU is free to put together its own DXCC program with rules agreed upon by all EU states (good luck with that).

    At the end of the day I am sure a few hams operating under Z6 prefix are not going to influence Kosovo’s independence ambitions either way. Serbian venting is better directed toward UN or other international bodies who may have more influence in the decision making process going forward. It is doubtful that DXWorld or the DXCC program has yet reached the status of influencing world affairs.

    Paul – vk4ma

  11. “Now the new week will concentrate on giving out some RTTY QSOs”….. but 17m and 15m CW only again! 🙁
    Trying to break the pileup from ZS in the contest will be totally impossible – everyone will be chasing the mult – but no sign of RTTY on the bands where they ARE workable here….

    de Barry ZS2EZ

  12. It’s painful and disappointing to see the ammount of hypocrisy and double standards displayed here. I would like to see you acknowledging Donetsk, Abkhazia, South Osetia as DXCC entities. As great Serbian poet once said: “Everyone is born to die once, honour and disgrace live forever”……. Do your thinking on these words……

  13. Jo,DL1AB : for Joe and the rest of the same !!
    Please read carefully what says YU7EF.Who speaks the truth ?
    The perpetration of international law is OK to you.The world is poor with the force of politics !!
    Negotiations with Serbia still persist.Kosovo is Serbia. Z6 is nothing.as well as the X5 in the past


    The complete Z60A log will be uploaded approximately four weeks after the current activation. The current activation will end immediately following Kosovo’s 10th independence anniversary celebrations on Sunday, February, 18 2018. The additional four-week window will allow for corrections and checking for potentially busted calls.

  15. Jo, DL1AB: That hypocrisy save for yourself, this issue has a lot to do with our national feelings, if you are able to understand that Kosovo is a cradle of our nation, from where our kings lived and ruled 1000 years a go. We were happy in your case when Germany re-united, right? We have a saying “100 bats on the other’s back does not hurt”, think about that … And I must remind you again, Kosovo is not recognized by UN (read UN resolution #1244), ITU did not assign Z6 prefix, IARU R1 accepted it by few corrupt clerks so the whole activity is illegal and PIRACY inspired by greedy OH2BH & Co, supported by ARRL. Have you ever heard for HAM SPIRIT ?

  16. Hi all,
    @Bob, E77O: “KOSOVO is not an independent country !!!”
    If you do this comperison, what’s about SPRATLY and/or GUANTANAMO
    @ Pop, YU7EF: see the text above.
    You will have reasons for different notion in this (your) region but Amateur Radio is not the plattform to work it out

  17. My YU friends talk about Kosovo but never went there in the last 10 years of independence. ARRL just rectified mistake made long ago ignoring political reality and IARU. Marttis have done lot of good for poor Kosovo people including Serbian minority protection. Z6/S56A 500+ FT8 and 47 CW QSO from 20 – 160 m are loaded on LoTW!

  18. I am accused for slander for telling it out loud what this “expedition” or activation actually is about …
    Yes, Martti needs more money to bribe officials in ITU and other organizations so they accept non-existent country, not recognized by UN …

  19. I agree…Come on guys its radio….relax…….giving a place a new prefix means nothing in politics (if that is what you worry about)…you should know that by now…:-) who cares what prefix is given out…the more the better….what do you think who will remember Z60A in 50 years…not you, not me and probably nobody…so what is the fuss about…:-)))
    Have some fun while you still can push the key and remember Morse code…but if you do not like it, turn off your radio and go collect stamps…you will be very relaxed…:-))))
    73 , 88, and go get’em

  20. I noticed that they are spending a lot of time calling only Americans, it would also be right to call the other states eu-as-af oc tnx JOE IT9ESW

  21. Just a couple of simple comments:
    – Why does the inaugural operation for a new DXCC not do any Digital Mode contacts? Especially given the difficulty they are having working NA from their present location?
    – Why does the ARRL immediately recalculate Honor Roll when no one can yet process a QSL. Good old days when the list came out once a year… resulting in a grace period.
    Happy with as many DXCC that the ARRL want to add to the game but I wish the phase in/inaugural activity was a bit more robust. Boy do I miss Bill Moore!

  22. “The discussion during the Board meeting and the rule change did not address any specific entity,” ARRL Radiosport Manager Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, said. “The amendment could allow some additions to the current DXCC List of entities. It’s a good thing not only for DXCC but for all active hams.”
    who believes in this must urgently go to the psychiatrist !!!
    Mr Fusaro- do you have any questions about ITU !? KOSOVO is not an independent country !!!
    why are you fooling us? Bob

  23. Art, it’s an easy and simple math, 50.000+ QSO, 3$ each QSL via Club log goes to OH2BH …
    “compensation would be exclusively directed to further support for evolving Amateur Radio in Kosovo”
    does anyone believe it?

  24. Has anyone even thought about thanking the ARRL for making this happen? To stimulate DXCC activity as it has been stagnant for much too long? How about putting aside the political comments, and be happy that a new entity is on the air? GO WORK THEM!

  25. Thanks to Finnish crew for their efforts to make this a new DXCC entity.
    #340 looks much more aesthetic then 339.
    The hams from nearby countries are rarely have a chance to work you due to random short skip openings. So we would appreciate some attention to this problem. Hope for some 12/10/6m activity from the crew during the coming Spring/Summer Es season and again, working Balkans from KN29 is a real challenge.
    Would appreciate the LoTW upload to apply for the mentioned #340 as soon as possible.

  26. Good luck…hope you have a good time activating this “new one”. Hope the midwest gets more opportunities to work you…GL!

  27. On the ARRL site, the ITU list of the prefixes does not comply with the official list of the prefixes on ITU site. Again a scam.

  28. Poor is the team that went to work from Kosovo under the sign Z60A and cheated on thousands of radio amateurs using the pirate sign. On the official ITU page under “Table of International Call Sign Series (Appendix 42 to the RR)”, the prefix Z6 is not assigned to anyone.

  29. It’s impossible! How can you lose so much ???

    one day you lost two QSO! How can it be ???
    26.01.18 at 09:05 UTC Z60A 30 m CW RST599 UY0HY
    26.01.18 at 09:25 UTC Z60A 20 m SSB RST59 UY0HY

  30. Even though ARRL behaves as a bully, changing it’s own rules to make it possible it is still a PIRATE operation – check ITU prefix allocation and you will see that Z6 is NOT allocated to so called “Kosovo” which is by United Nations resolution 1244 still and can only be “Kosovo and Metohija” Autonomy in SERBIA. Go guys, send as much money as you can to OH2BH for THOUSANDS of QSL cards that will end up worthless.

  31. Thanks for the link David and also to ARRL for the (little late) statement. Let’s welcome Kosovo as a new one.
    Wish all operators there fun with the upcoming pile ups 😉 See you there.

  32. if Jan. 21st is the start date of the new DXCC entity of Kosovo then it is really not understandable that DXCC committee is not able to publish an official notice about it the same day.

  33. New dxcc entity without operators,so ‘international’ team has to
    take place. Yeah,right!
    I’d rather say,new pile-up practice playground, for OH2BH &CO.
    Enjoy guys!


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