In a few days, the Kosovo Friendship Consortium, Z66X will participate in the CQ WPX Contest from the capital, Pristina with the team of OH2BH, Martti, OH2TA, Pekka, Z61DX, Driton and Z62FB, Fehmi.  When not in the contest we will be preparing young Kosovo hams for YOTA 2019 and searching for a  noise-free location outside of the city for future  low-band activity. QSL via OH2BH.


  1. HI Mark
    declan EI9HQ one of two ei operators on the z66x . Did you check clublog for operators qso numbers to see how many each operator did before putting this up. just for your information We EI9HQ and EI2II Enda where asked to go to work z66x on ft8 mode only. We just got 7 days notice of this .

    We arrived on the 19th July and setup on the 20th. Their was only the two on us their from the 19th to the 24th July, we ran as much as we could with the two of up working 2 radios each shift we did to puy max qso’s in the log for our short stay.In all i say we did 18 hour a day in total 72 hours opertaing, that 3 full days in total . We went qrt at 1400z at the time of us leaving, between the two of us our qso on ft8 only for our short stay was 4600 YES 4600 WE STILL HAVE THE LOGS if you wand to see them. On one day we did
    1600. that is just 64 qso an hour, Its works out an about 1533 qso a day that is 766 qso’s for each of us per day. From my information so please do not make statments about 86 qso a day. We worked dam hard to do this and payed for it out of our own packet. We left on the 6am flight of Kosovo, after that you will have to take it up with the rest of them.

    yours in radio
    Part of the 9N7EI and 7Q7EI EIDX GROUP

  2. WOWOWOW 10 days of operation..
    6 operators,
    5200 qso on ft8
    86 qso a day for each one.

    Great effort ! Ahahaha

  3. Just want to noted that the frequency 50323 is for DX operating DONT USED FOR LOCAL FT8 contact !!!
    Please change to some other freq for mass activity ….
    A lot of 6m hams are trying to make 50323 freq only for DX – DX work and 50313 for all other kind of contacts. Please don’t “screw up” our work ….
    Thank you for understanding
    Have fun
    73! de Andy LZ2HM

  4. Please note that very first FT8 activity from DXCC Kosovo was Z6/S56A with 500+ QSO on Jan. 27/8, 2018.

    7Q7EI did great Fox & Hounds operation while 3B7A at the same time was quiet on FT8.

    I go to Jagodina, Serbia on July 19th and might come down South again visiting mountains peaks.

    73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU

  5. Please use CW on 6m when sporadic E is strong enough. It is probably faster and enables a real, audible QSO.


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