From the ZA1WW team on lonely Adriatic Sea front.

Last night was technically acceptable, but propagation was down from the past days. We have now logged more than 500 U.S station on 80M and more than 300 on 160M. Also numbers with Japan are already more than expected.

We will continue with the same pattern for several more days although the weekend’s ARRL 160M contest would be a challenge. We will try to figure out the best available options for serving U.S top-band community.

High wind is building up as I write this and we hope that out fiberglass Spider-poles would hold on throughout the night.

Enjoy your warm shacks and remember us here in our Arctic outfits!

73 Martti, OH2BH


  1. On 2 Dec. 2017 at 0518 GMT I worked ZA1WW on 3.512 MHz up 1. After my first call, ZA1WW came back to W6MD (not a dxer) and I corrected my call to W6TMD. I was sure that ZA1WW came back with the proper correction and I completed the exchange of signal reports. But somehow my call is not in the ZA1WW log. I’m not sure what might have happened. I told my son, N6MJ, that I had just worked ZA1WW on 80 so he also came to the rig and called. He is OK in the log at 0524 Z. Can you confirm my QSO with this information?
    Darrel W6TMD


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