NEWS UPDATE – courtesy PJ4DX:

“I have just had a chat with Steve ZD9CW (G4EDG) on 15m SSB. He asked me to let DX outlets know that due to difficulties with the internet he is only able to upload his log to Club Log every other day.

He said he has been spending quite a lot of time on RTTY as there is where ZD9 is most needed. When I spoke to Steve he was running his IC-7000 barefoot as RF was getting into his logging computer when using the Tokyo Hy-Power amplifier.

Steve recently changed QTH on the island and at the moment has antennas for all bands from 15m to 40m. He said he would try to make an 80m inverted-L but the constant very strong wind makes this difficult”.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 — Steve, G4EDG will be active from Tristan da Cunha as ZD9CW during September 20 to October 22, 2018. QRV on 40-15m, possibly 80m. Mainly CW & RTTY with some SSB. QSL via LZ1JZ.


  1. The story about all the residents of this island escaping after the volcano eruption, then being taken to the UK, and eventually returning to the island is quite interesting. Hope to work Steve this month.

  2. He will be on the island for a month, so plenty of time for a CW QSO. Be a DXer and not a computer nerd always calling for FT8.

  3. Steve is on his way to the island:

    “The MFV Edinburgh departed Cape Town on Wednesday 12th September at 1800hrs. Passengers on board are: Islanders Ian Lavarello, Dilys Green & Rhoda Rogers; Dr. Alex & Sally Wonner, Social Worker; Andrew Dawson, Marine Biologist; Dr. Robert Mrowicki, and visitors Tobias Nolle, Gan Erez, Susan Cooper and Steven Tylor.”

  4. Would be great to get some lowbands activity if you can squeeze some more wire into your pack. zd9 is particularly rare on 80 and 160 and FT8 would possibly offset the impact of a modest antenna. May also provide more operating flexibility as the higher bands, 30 and above, are often closed at night in the far southern hemisphere at this time of year.
    Paul – vk4ma


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