(c) ZF8/ZF2CI - Little Cayman

Adrian, AA5UK says it’s “time for another Cayman trip!”

“I will be operating as ZF2AE from Grand Cayman from June 28th through July 8th, 2017 holiday style. I will be on Grand Cayman until July 2nd, then Little Cayman (ZF2AE/ZF8) July 3rd through the 6th. Then back to Grand Cayman July 6th through the 8th.

Current plans are to operate holiday style on the FM/SSB satellites mostly afternoons and evenings. Gridsquare EK99. I may try to make it to FK09 while on Little Cayman. Follow me on @ZF2AE Twitter for latest announcements for HF and satellites. I also plan to be active on HF, mostly on RTTY and PSK31/63 from Little Cayman.

Keep an eye on 6m, I may pop up when conditions permit. Dipole only 100W. Modes: SSB/JT65/JT9 and MSK144.

RTTY Contest: I plan to operate on July 1st from the ZF1A club station in the DL DX RTTY contest from about 14UTC to 2300 UTC. See you on the screen.

Hope to work you on the air!

73, Adrian AA5UK – ZF2AE- ZF2AE/ZF8

For latest operational updates click my Twitter link below and follow me: @ZF2AE @AA5UK”


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