NEWS UPDATE – N7QT & VE7NY have joined the ZK3X team.

JANUARY 2, 2019 – ZK3X website here

DECEMBER 17, 2018 — YT1AD, UT5UY, UR0MC, ZL3WW, VK3FY, WD5COV, PY2XB, US0KW, UX0LL, UT8IO, UA2FZ, RW7K, R7KW, UT7QF, DJ9ZB, SV2BFN & KO8SCA will be active from Tokelau (IOTA OC-048) during October 1-15, 2019 as ZK3X. They will be active on all bands, 160-6m; all modes + EME. More info coming soon.